Louis Vuitton Men Watches

One of the most famous international fashion houses in the world is Louis Vuitton. They sell their products in high-end department stores and through small high class boutiques. They also have products online such as Louis Vuitton Men’s watches. Every man’s watch that they sell is unique and makes the ultimate statement of status and prestige, not the mention wealth. Even though today we have ipods and mobile phones that help us tell the time and which appears to be lowering the demand for the wristwatches, luxury watches like the Louis Vuitton watches have adapted by becoming more of a fashion statement. They are all about self-expression for a man. A man’s watch is every bit as important to him as the handbag is to women. However, you should never mistake a Louis Vuiiton men’s watch as only being a fashion statement. These are high quality swiss time pieces that accurately tell the time and perform other functions as well.

The first men’s watch to be launched by Louis Vuitton was in 2002. This was the Tourbillon Tambour. It is a highly personalized watch that has your initials incorporated on the face of the watch. When you order this watch expect to wait awhile for it to be made for you. The initial price tag on this particular Louis Vuiiton watch starts at $178,000 makes is definitely a luxury wristwatch to be used as symbol of self expression, status and prestige. The man ordering this watch is given the choice on what type of watch band he wants, the color of the face and the types of precious stones or diamonds he wants on the watch. With all these choices and the addition of precious gemstones, these Louis Vuiiton men’s watches is more than a watch, they are modern jewelry for men. The rich and famous have been known to own not just one Louis Vuitton watch, but as many as four or five. Men love to change them out and wear them for various functions like women change their handbags. If you want to send a signal of wealth and prosperity as a man, you will add a collection of Louis Vuiiton men’s watches to your collection of Lamborghinis and Porches.

Louis Vuiiton men’s watches have a way of starting interesting conversations when others notice them and be assured, they do get noticed. Anyone who is into watch collecting will greatly admire the man who wears them. Mega millionaires love these watches because they make them feel so special. A Louis Vuiiton men’s watch is without a doubt, one of the hottest luxury watch brands on the market. A man who wears a Louis Vuiiton watch can flaunt this very personal fashion accessory at any formal or casual event.

The classic Tambour Louis Vuitton watches are typically 41.5mm wide. They have Louis Vuiiton branding engraved on the sides. A two-tone Louis Vuiiton Tambour is made of stainless steel with 18k gold. These watch have a rich polishing and elegant easy to read dials. Of course there are various other styles to choose from. All are unique and beg to be showed off on your wrist. Each is sold at various pricings, depending on your own personal choices.

A man’s watch is one accessory that allows him to profile his distinctive style and can instantly identify his social status. A watch is a very personal accesory that will help you reveal your class and tastes. The good news is that you do not have to be a mega millionaire to wear an affordable replica of the Louis Vuiitton men’s watch. For those who are not so fortunate to be rich and famous it is satisfying to know that replica’s of these luxury watches exist. If you are looking for replicas you can find numerous websites that offer them online. Never forget that a luxury watch, or even a replica or one, can complete the look of your attire and give the impression of sophistication that all successful men are out achieve.

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