Mabe Pearl Rings

Although mabe pearls do grow occasionally in nature they are most often cultured because they grow against the inside of the shell of the oyster instead of within the tissue. It is a rather detailed process through which they are cultured and harvested, but the result is one of the most lustrous pearls to be found. Mabe pearl rings are not as expensive as round pearls, but they are truly lovely and by some standards even lovelier than full pearls.

Hemispherical Mabe Pearls
In order to culture a mabe pearl the nucleus that is implanted in the oyster is hemispherical instead of being round. Because of this the pearl forms in a hemispherical shape which is then harvested by drilling a circle into the shell with a round drill bit. From there the nucleus is removed and the pearl is filled with resin. Finally, the pearl is ‘capped’ with mother-of-pearl leaving a half (hemispheric) pearl. Mabe pearls are often used for rings and earrings instead of round pearls as they are not suitable for stringing being that one side is flat.

Oversized Art Deco Mabe Pearl Rings
One of the finest examples of art deco jewelry is an oversized mabe pearl ring. They were quite fashionable in that era and many fine specimens can be found online and in estate sales. Jewelry of the period was big and flashy and mabe pearl rings were no different. Many were framed by diamond accents and we set in white or yellow gold and sometimes even in sterling silver. At the moment art deco jewelry is trending so this type of ring is once again the height of fashion.

Black Mabe Pearl Rings
Black mabe pearls are among the most exquisite pearl rings to be found. While black pearls are rare and quite exotic, a black mabe pearl is extra lustrous which just adds to their natural beauty. Mabe pearls are the most lustrous to be found and a black pearl is even more so. Again, not as expensive as a round pearl, they are nonetheless just as lovely. For instance, a 13 mm black mabe pearl ring set in 14k gold with 1/10 TDW diamond accents would sell for approximately $200 in most cases. Were there a round pearl of that diameter it would sell for many times that price, especially if it were black.

Mabe Pearl Rings Set with Precious Stones
Some mabe pearls are set with precious stones such as diamonds, rubies and amethysts. Depending on the size and quality of the pearl and the total carat weight of the precious stones, many of these rings cost thousands of dollars. A 14 mm mabe ring with a TDW of 1.01 carats could average nearly $5,000 retail price. Usually these rings are set in 14k yellow gold, but some will have 18k gold or even platinum.

Cortez Mabe Pearl Rings
There are some extremely rare and beautiful Cortez mabe pearls that are cultured in the Gulf of California. While the oysters were once endangered, they have begun to emerge again into the waters of the gulf. Two specific types of oysters there are known to produce some of the world’s most unusual colorations. The Panamic Black Lipped Oyster and the Rainbow Lipped Oyster produce mabe pearls that are clearly set apart from any other type of pearl.

Because hemispherical mabe pearls are less expensive than round pearls, it is possible to find a ring with a truly magnificent sized pearl for a price that is beyond reasonable. No less lovely than their round counterparts, mabe pearls make the perfect ring. Whether purchased as a gift or to add to your collection of pearls, you are sure to be satisfied with a lustrous mabe pearl ring.

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