Men’s Gold Rings

A man wearing a gold ring can almost appear elegant, whilst enhancing the gentleman’s overall appearance. Men’s gold rings are known to symbolize wealth, and are the ultimate jewelry accessory. Where you may believe that men wearing rings is a fairly new thing, it has in fact been around for many centuries. Rings have often been used as a symbolic token and are known to be one of the most significant items of jewelry throughout history.

Many hundreds of years ago a vast majority of men would wear thumb rings in order to protect their fingers while they were shooting a bow and arrow. Kings, princes, rulers and noblemen often identified their family by wearing Signet rings. In fact, their rings were often used to sign any number of official documents or correspondence. This was achieved by simply dipping their Signet Ring into hot wax and then pressing it against the specific document.

Men’s gold rings are generally far simpler in design, as well is being wider and thicker, than a woman’s gold ring. The very first men’s gold rings were typically plain bands that were usually made of a single precious metal. However, with that said, the gold rings that are available for men nowadays are far more fashionable. You will actually find that gold rings for men are now available in numerous materials and designs. They are likely to have certain engravings and some very striking designs. Possibly one of the most popular types of men’s gold ring is the two tone ring, which will typically have white gold inlaid with yellow gold. These are often made of two completely different materials, such as gold and titanium, or silver and titanium.

The Signet Ring is still to this day an extremely popular choice of men’s gold ring. Often, you will find that the gentleman has had his initials engraved onto the ring face. Gemstones are now also proving to be extremely popular, although a man’s ring is likely to have a single stone based in the center, as opposed to the various gemstones you may find on a woman’s ring. Men’s gold Signet rings can come with a wide variety of gemstones which include diamonds, rubies, Black Onyx, garnets, emeralds, topazes, aquamarines, jades, sapphire, tourmaline, and in some cases even corals. The fact that a man’s gold ring has been set with a precious stone is likely to make it ever more attractive and elegant.

The vast majority of men’s gold rings will typically come with their birthstone. However, it must be said that possibly the most popular of all stones is the Black Onyx, as this is known to symbolize strength and power. Gold is known to be the preferred metal for the majority of rings, especially for men. Gold is usually used to make a man’s engagement or wedding ring and the ever popular pinky bands. You can actually say that men’s gold rings are now the ideal fashion accessory. There are various types of gold from which you can have the rings made and these include yellow, white, red, bronze, rose, peach and lime gold. The most popular type of gold used in men’s rings is yellow gold, followed by white gold and then by Rose Gold.

The most commonly found men’s gold ring will typically be a wedding band. These rings generally fall into three different categories which are – firstly, there is the comfort band which is actually a fairly new concept. The comfort band is specifically designed for a man who has perhaps never worn a ring before. You will find that the ring is slightly rounded but will not display any flat edges. This will ensure that the ring is extremely comfortable, and far easier to put on and take off. The next type of wedding band is the flat band. This is the most traditional style of wedding ring, and indeed the oldest. It is simply a plain and flat ring. This type of wedding band was the only style available to men until fairly recently.

Lastly, for the more adventurous among you, we have the engraved band. You can literally engrave a man’s gold ring with anything. Some of the most commonly seen engravings include Celtic designs such as a warrior design which can represent the seasons. The symbols are typically believed to show strength and reliability. Another fairly popular design is the Celtic weave pattern, which has two strands that are intertwined around the ring. This specific engraving will symbolize the bond between two people. You will actually find that the vast majority of jewelers have their own specific take on the weave design pattern, whereas some are highly intricate, others are known to be far bolder and more striking.

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