Men’s Hoop Earrings

There was a time when it was totally taboo for a man to wear an earring anywhere, let alone out in public. And, forget about what would have happened if that guy had shown up at the office with a pierce in his ear, no matter how tiny or unobtrusive! Those days have come and gone, and it is no longer a fashion ‘statement’ against the ‘system,’ as it is now a trend that has become acceptable, and even embraced by today’s society, young and old alike.

Of course, there are still men’s earrings that may raise an eyebrow or two, but even those are widely accepted. Middle aged men are known to wear small men’s hoop earrings day and night, to the office or to a cocktail party. There is nothing outlandish in wearing an earring, and some men even wear two or three on an ear!

Large hoop earrings are reminiscent of pirates of old. In fact, some women even find them sexy on a man. After all, look at Johnny Depp! No one is sexier or more handsome in large men’s hoop earrings, and although it was a prop for the movie, the ‘look’ became a fashion shortly after the release of the film. Many rappers and other musicians are known to wear large hoop earrings both on stage and off.

While there are a great number of styles and sizes available for men, most often small gold men’s hoop earrings are worn because they are both socially acceptable across a wider range of fashion ‘tastes,’ and also because they are the most comfortable. Small earrings don’t put a lot of pull on the earlobe so they can be worn for greater periods without any discomfort. Larger, heavier hoops are often made hollow so they don’t place any extra weight, which would not only be uncomfortable, but it would also be unattractive with an earlobe stretched unnaturally low.

Men’s hoop earrings are often worn in combination with at least one other pierce above it. Most often a small diamond stud is worn in the upper pierce and the hoop itself can be embellished with a diamond or other precious stone. As a matter of fact, while most men’s earrings are plain, polished metal, some are even crafted with special cuts like the diamond cut for effect.

Women have been wearing pierced ears almost forever, but to many men it is a new experience. As a consequence, they may not know about proper care of the earring itself, or the pierced hole in the earlobe. Whenever taking the earring off, it should be thoroughly cleaned and dried, as should the earlobe. Also, if not wearing sterling silver or gold, make absolutely certain that the wire or post is made of some hypo-allergenic metal. Nothing is worse than a sore or itching ear because proper precautions weren’t taken to prevent a reaction to the metal.

Many ladies hoop earrings can be worn by men if they are simply plain silver or gold, however, they would need to be bought in pairs. Fine jewelers and online vendors will have a great selection of men’s hoop earrings that are sold individually as a man may never need that second piece. The best bargains will be found online along with the most current fashions. It’s a matter of doing a little browsing to see what is hot at the moment and who can provide the right style at the most affordable price. Large, small, medium and silver or gold, there are men’s earrings available to suit any man for any occasion. (And don’t forget, with such a wide assortment – they can be found to suit any budget!)

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