Men’s Peridot Rings

As the official birthstone for the month of October as established by the American National Association of Jewelers in 1912, there are a number of attractive men’s peridot rings. Often mistaken for an emerald, the peridot leans toward the yellow end of the green spectrum whereas emerald tends to have more blue. For men who are avid stargazers, peridot is the perfect gemstone as it is the only one you will ever find in a meteorite. Perhaps it should be rightfully called the gem of the stars, or the universal gem, but in any case a peridot can be worn well by men because of the masculine appeal of the earthy colors of this stone.

Yellow Gold Men’s Peridot & Diamond Octagon Cut Ring

A truly distinctive men’s peridot ring is the yellow gold peridot and diamond octagon ring that is set in 10k gold. Although a peridot is less expensive than an emerald, this remarkable ring may in fact be mistaken for an emerald because the octagon cut is also referred to as an emerald cut and is the signature cut for the more expensive stone. The stone in this ring measures 9 x 7 millimeters with a weight of approximately 2.5 carats. There are four round cut diamonds in the setting and the band is 10k yellow gold in a brushed finish for added appeal. At a retail price of $475, you can see how it would be possible to have a ring that could be mistaken for an emerald at much less the cost.

Peridot and Diamond White Gold Claddagh Ring

Anyone of Irish decent will truly treasure this traditional Celtic design set in 10k solid gold with a peridot heart held by two hands and accented with 3 glistening white round natural diamonds. The heart shaped peridot is 7 mm with the diamonds detailing the rim of the crown. The symbolism of the hands holding the heart is the giver’s desire for love and/or friendship with the person being gifted. A Claddagh ring should never be bought for one’s self because of the fact that a Claddagh is meant to be given as a token of love. This type of ring can double for the groom’s wedding band if his birth month is August, even though the traditional stone for weddings is the diamond.

Men’s Square or Oval Cut Peridot Rings
While many peridots are fashioned in the traditional emerald cut because of their resemblance to the costlier gemstone, it is also common to find peridots cut square, round or oval for men’s peridot rings. Set in yellow gold with or without diamond accents, these cuts are often employ a bezel setting as a peridot is only 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. It isn’t a soft gemstone so it can be faceted well, but it isn’t one of the hardest stones which makes it understandable that the edges should be protected. There are even cabochon cut peridot stones which is another method used for an oval ring where there are no facets and the stone is rounded (domed) on top but flat against the base.

There are a number of fashionable men’s peridot rings available that are moderately priced and can be worn by men born in August or any other month for that matter! The best place to find a bargain would be online as jewelers don’t have the high cost of overhead that your local jeweler in the mall would have. Also, you can compare rings side by side to see which style you prefer and many online jewelers will also custom fit rings if you wear an off size. Men’s peridot rings are designed in sterling silver, yellow gold and white gold so you will have no problem finding a ring that appeals to you at a price you can afford.

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