Men’s White Gold Wedding Bands

Anyone preparing to tie the knot has a wide range of important decisions to make. In addition to setting the wedding date, choosing the venue, planning the ceremony and reception, sending the invitations and so much more there is the issue of wedding rings. While the engagement ring is usually presented to the bride-to-be at the time of proposal, the wedding bands are often chosen at a later date. It is tradition for the band to match or at least coordinate with the bride’s engagement ring. Although platinum is a popular material for wedding bands, it is out of the budget for some couples as it is the most expensive choice.

Gold is perhaps the most frequently chosen precious metal for wedding jewelry. Gold, an element on the periodic table, is a precious metal that is commonly used for jewelry of all kinds. It is naturally yellow in color, however there is such a thing as colored gold. Because pure gold is too soft for jewelry making, other metals are added to give durability and strength. These metals can change the color of the jewelry which in essence gives us colored gold. In addition to traditional yellow gold, there is white gold, rose gold and even green gold. For the purposes of marriage jewelry, yellow and white are the two top choices.

White gold is the closest look to platinum that you’re going to find, and it looks stunning with any diamond solitaire ring. There are both women’s and men’s white gold wedding bands for sale in a variety of styles and karats. The karat refers to the purity of the gold. You can find as low as 8 karat or as high as 24 karat. For jewelry that you are going to hopefully wear for the rest of your life, 14 or 18 karat should be sufficient when it comes lasting beauty.  Over the years, if your wedding band does become scratched or dull, it can be professionally polished by a jeweler and often appear good as new.

It is common for the men’s white gold wedding bands to be wider than the women’s, simply because men have larger fingers on average and a wider band looks masculine and proportionate. Some wedding bands these days have features like diamond adornments or engraving. There are even bands that feature both yellow and white gold together for a modern appearance. Carving and embellishment of the band may also be seen in some cases. Then of course there is the most simple and traditional of all gold bands, polished gold with a slightly curved edge and no adornment whatsoever, just gleaming precious metal.

Shopping around for men’s white gold wedding bands can be a romantic experience for the engaged couple, as both can give their input on what they like and what they don’t. The bride can try on her matching band to see how it looks when paired with her diamond engagement ring. You don’t have to purchase your wedding bands from a jewelry store, although you may want to window shop and try on different styles. When you find the style you like, consider browsing online to see if you can find it for a more affordable price. There are all kinds of online jewelry shops and auction sites that sell fine women’s and men’s white gold wedding bands and other items. Internet shopping can help you grab fantastic deals which leaves you more money to spend on other aspects of the wedding — like the honeymoon!

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