Murano Glass Jewelry

Named for a Venetian island of the same name, Murano Art Glass is known around the world for its breathtaking beauty and unique craftsmanship. As early as the 10th century, the island was renowned for its glass. These days, the island is the exclusive production location of this brand of art glass. While there are lots of glassmakers in Venice and even in Murano, there is only one Murano Art Glass. In addition to sculptures, vases and the like, this company also makes jewelry. Murano glass jewelry is something to be treasured and is sure to get the wearer tons of compliments. It’s just not something you come across every day.

And, this distinction is not just something known today. Even in the 14th century, Murano’s glassmakers were permitted to carry swords and even had legal immunity. Daughters of these glassmakers were married into some of the most high-class households in all of Venice. The only catch was that these glassmakers were forbidden to leave, however many did risk punishment by relocating to other places like the Netherlands and England. The industry grew rapidly, and by the late 16th century almost half of the island’s residents were involved in some aspect.

Today, Murano glass jewelry makes a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys distinctive jewelry (and who doesn’t?) Also, it is a great thing to purchase for yourself. You will discover so many beautiful treasures in all colors and styles. Some of the pieces are primarily one color, such as the Murano Pendant in Peridot, however other pieces have the beautiful multicolored swirl effect that this company is known for. There are necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings and more. Some of the pieces are clear, with colored random patterns inside. It is hard to find two pieces that are exactly alike.

While Murano glass jewelry isn’t cheap, it is affordable. You can find this art glass at many different retailers and vendors. For example, one high profile seller is QVC, the television home shopping channel. They often have Murano art glass specials and offer gorgeous jewelry pieces. You don’t even have to watch the channel to order, you can go through their website. Speaking of websites, there are lots of other sites where you can find gorgeous Murano glass jewelry also. Even Ebay is worth checking out because there are new and pre-owned pieces there, often for a bargain.

When you choose a piece of Murano glass jewelry, you are sure to receive all kinds of compliments. And, you might just get hooked on this brand. Once you buy one piece, you may want to buy coordinating pieces to go with it. This jewelry is highly collectible, and many pieces are limited edition. Once you purchase one or more Murano glass jewelry pieces, you will see why so many people around the world love this exclusive art glass.

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