Murano Glass Necklaces

Murano glass is a unique type of treated glass that originates from the Isle of Murano (Italy). It is a style of treated glass that has been in production for nearly 800 years. Glassmakers in the Isle of Murano area have become well known for their signature Murano glass creations. There are now many pieces of jewelry available that are made with Murano glass. This is one of the best ways to display the beauty of this type of treated glass.

Murano glass is made by heating silicate glass until it turns into a liquid. This is accomplished with the use of very high heat. The liquid that results from the heating process will then often be combined with certain chemical mixtures. This will create unique properties (color, texture, etc) for the glass. Over an extensive period of time the liquid solution will harden and turn into a solid. During the hardening process the glass can be shaped according to the desire of the glassmaker. This allows the glass to be shaped for various purposes such as to make it into a vase or to make many small necklace beads.

Murano glassmakers created a number of unique art and jewelry pieces with the use of Murano glass. One of the most noteworthy mentions for Murano glass would be the millefiori beads, also known as mosaic beads. These are commonly used for necklaces and other pieces of jewelry. The millefiori style was also used for other purposes such as for necklace pendants.

Murano necklaces are most appealing for the fact that they are a type of glass jewelry that is also very colorful, vivid, and innovative. There are many unique designs of Murano necklaces available. These pieces of jewelry will all have varying designs, patterns, and so on. There will definitely be a unique Murano necklace piece that catches your attention if you were to go through the selection of these jewelry pieces.

A Murano necklace would make for a great gift for someone close to you. Whether it be a close friend or family member, a Murano necklace is an interesting gift that is unexpected and very attractive. Almost anyone would love to receive a piece of Murano jewelry as a gift. It is definitely for those that appreciate the more fashionable pieces of jewelry but there are designs of Murano necklaces that suit everyone’s taste.

The Murano necklace is a high quality piece of jewelry. It does not contain unwanted metals such as nickel. This means that the makeup of the necklace is already higher quality than most of the alternative pieces. The materials that are used to make a Murano necklace are all high quality so you know you are getting a valuable piece.

The beauty of the Murano necklace will definitely be what sets it apart from other types of creative necklaces though. The colourful designs offered with a Murano glass necklace are simply stunning. You have many different options of the combination of colors in the necklace and the patterns or designs that the necklace is created with.

It would definitely be worth the money to purchase a Murano glass necklace. It would be a great addition to your own jewelry collection. One of these necklaces can cost you roughly $30 to $100 but there are some higher priced pieces available as well. It may not be incredibly easy to find a Murano necklace at a local jewelry store. For this reason, it is highly suggested that you look at online jewelry stores for Murano necklaces when you decide to buy one.

A Murano glass necklace would make for a great gift for someone close to you as well. The beauty and unique traits of this type of necklace truly make it an innovative and appealing piece of jewelry. With all the different choices available there will definitely be a Murano glass necklace that suits your personal preferences perfectly.

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