Murano Glass Pendants

Murano glass is a glass that is created and treated in Murano, Italy. Murano glass has been used widely in the creation of jewelry since the 13th century. The process involves heating the silicate glass to a liquid state. This is done by using extreme heat. Once liquefied, the glass is typically mixed with another chemical compound to create different textures and colors as well as different levels of opacity. When the glass begins to turn again from a liquid into a solid, it can be molded into a variety of shapes that are used to create beautiful jewelry pieces.

Murano glass pendants are a very popular jewelry selection today. The glass beads used to make the pendants give them a very unique look. Beads are created typically by layering different colors of the glass during the process of solidifying it. This allows the beads to be formed into a variety of different shapes and patterns such as flowers and other shapes. Murano glass beads also typically include many varieties of aventurine glass and white milk glass, giving it different colored hues and brilliancy.

On the island of Murano, Italy there are a variety of places to purchase Murano glass as well as many museums dedicated to the glass. Glassblowing demonstrations are widely popular tourists’ attractions. While Murano glass is viewed as a very lovely form of art and jewelry making process, many feel that the colors are too vibrant for modern jewelry. Shades of yellow, blue and red are very common in Murano glass jewelry and are very vibrant. Modern techniques have been developed that help to tone down the color hues and make jewelry pieces much more subtle however and the art of Murano glass jewelry making has recently become popular once again.

Purchasing true Murano glass pendants and other jewelry pieces is a pleasant experience for many shoppers. There are a variety of online websites that provide jewelry made from Murano glass. If you are planning to purchase a Murano glass pendant, earrings or other jewelry made from these glass beads, it is important that you ensure that the products that you are purchasing include real Murano glass and not simply a fabricated version of it. True Murano glass jewelry is not terribly expensive, but does cost more on average than other pieces made from lesser valuable glass. You can typically purchase a Murano glass pendant that is imported directly from Venice or other areas in Italy for around $20, more or less depending on the actual design and where you purchase it.

These pendants are very colorful and contain a wide variety of designs from flowers to black and white checkered patterns. You will need to spend some time looking over the various styles and designs to choose the pendant that you want. Because the glass making process is so unique, each pendant is also very unique. Some pieces of Murano artwork can be fairly expensive, ranging from $150 to more than $500 for pieces like vases and pitchers. Single glass bead pendants are around the least expensive but again, these range in prices depending on the design itself and the size of the pendant. If you are purchasing true Murano glass pendants, you should be able to find many styles and designs for less than $100. Just be certain that you are purchasing true Murano glass as there are many fakes or copies of the glass currently on the market. Purchase from a trusted or reputable retailer whether you buy online or off. You may also find many earrings, bracelets and other jewelry pieces made from true Murano glass to give yourself a complete ensemble of this beautiful artwork.

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