Natural Alexandrite Earrings

One of the most remarkable characteristics of natural alexandrite earrings is that they literally change colors depending on the light you are in. When in natural sunlight or a fluorescent lit room, the alexandrites will appear to be shades of green. But the amazing thing is that when you wear them indoors under incandescent lighting, the stone appears to be red. There is just something exceptionally alluring about natural alexandrite earrings that will have people fascinated by their ever changing colors.

A Liberating Stone

There is a fable regarding alexandrite stones that tells of their being discovered in Ural Mountain range of Russia on the actual day that the czar, Alexander II, was born. The story goes that because of this, they were named after the ruler and are as liberating as was the ruler after whom they were named. Alexander II, also referred to as Alexander the Liberator, who was quite controversial in his day for liberating the serfs. As a result, alexandrites are seen as a ‘liberating stone’ that allow the person to be as unique and free spirited as they wish to be. Alexandrites are one of the alternate modern zodiac birthstones for the month of June.

Dangling Earrings for Reflections of Light

While virtually any earring with natural alexandrites in the setting are lovely, the most attractive are dangling natural alexandrite earrings because they have the ability to pick up more rays of the visible light spectrum as they sway with the movement of the person wearing them. Since the stone itself changes color as a different portion of the light spectrum is reflected, dangling earrings literally pick up every ray, long or short. The result is quite amazing as one moment it appears you are wearing lovely green crystalline stones and the very next you are adorned in red. Diamonds set with alexandrites actually add to the allure as they pick up those lovely colors and reflect those shades in all directions.

Endless Possibilities in Alexandrite Jewelry

So many designers have fashioned a number of lovely natural alexandrite earrings from diamond drops to lovely alexandrite blooms that appear as tiny flowers dangling from a delicate 14k gold chain. Alexandrite and diamond yellow gold swirl earrings have become quite popular and have coordinating rings, bracelets and pendants to match. This also sets the stage for some interesting effects as each piece reflects a different portion of the light spectrum which makes them all change shades at different times. In fact, because of this feature, natural alexandrite earrings can be worn with any color of clothing!

Handcrafted Natural Alexandrite Earrings
Handcrafted jewelry offers the most amazing pieces using natural alexandrites. The artisan is free to take an already amazing stone and set it in a piece that enhances its natural beauty. Rings, necklaces, bracelets and natural alexandrite earrings that have been fashioned around each stone individually are among the most sought after gifts because they are simply so unique. Whether set with diamonds or alone, alexandrite jewelry is exquisite beyond compare. Fine jewelers around the world have an assortment of natural alexandrite pieces that are in constant demand.

Natural alexandrite earrings can be priced from under $100 to many thousands of dollars, depending on the quality and size of the stones and, of course, the setting they are in. Whether you are looking for an inexpensive pair to wear for casual everyday earrings, or as an exquisite adornment for evening or cocktail wear, natural alexandrite earrings are a perfect choice. Although they are the birthstone for June, alexandrites can be worn by anyone in any season. There really isn’t a lovelier stone.

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