Navajo Jewelry

Native American jewelry holds a substantial amount of value to American Indians because it can be used to display their Native status. The jewelry is also commonly bought and worn by non-Native Americans as well, simply for the visual appeal and fashion statement that it can make.

There are many different types of Native American jewelry, which mostly vary by tribe and location. Navajo jewelry originates from various regions of three states in the U.S., New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah. This type of Native American jewelry is made by American Indians, those of which that are of Native status but reside in the United States of America.

The History of Navajo Jewelry
It is believed that the Navajos received their talent as silversmiths from Mexican silversmiths. This was said to have occurred during the mid 1800’s. Navajo jewelry was created ever since this time and it has become a very important part of the heritage of the Navajo tribe.

Early pieces of Navajo jewelry were mostly made out of silver. One of the more popular pieces of jewelry that was made by the Navajo tribe in earlier years was the silver pendant. The Navajo tribe created many other types of silver jewelry and these pieces are still made by the Navajos to this day.

Specifics of Navajo Jewelry
Navajos are known for being expert silversmiths. Due to this, most pieces of Navajo jewelry will be made out of silver. The most common type of gemstone for jewelry from this tribe to use is turquoise. The turquoise stone is considered to be the most sacred stone in the world by many people, especially American Indians.

The spiritual meaning behind turquoise may factor into why it is so common in Navajo jewelry. It is believed that turquoise is sacred and works as protection from being hurt for whoever is wearing jewelry that is set with the stone. You can find other gemstones, such as coral, in Navajo jewelry as well.

Squash Blossom Jewelry by the Navajo Tribe
Possibly the most popular piece of jewelry that is made by the Navajo tribe would be the squash blossom necklace. The squash blossom concept is also used with other types of jewelry as well. Squash blossom jewelry is popular amongst most Indian tribes and that is no different with the Navajo tribe.

It is said that Mexican art has influenced the interest in squash blossom jewelry. Seeing that the Navajo nation is so closely associated with Mexico and their jewelry at, it would be obvious that squash blossom jewelry is incredibly popular amongst the Navajo tribe.

There are many unique and original concepts that are used in Navajo jewelry as well. You will not only find pieces of jewelry that are influenced by other’s cultures, but you will find Navajo jewelry with symbols of their heritage as well. Also, remember that you do not have to be a Navajo in order to wear this jewelry. It has a deeper meaning to Navajos, but it can be worn by anyone for the visual appeal and fashion statement that the jewelry would offer.

Navajo jewelry is very interesting because it depicts the heritage of the Navajo tribe. If you have any link to the Navajo tribe then you may want to research the jewelry a bit more. There may be certain pieces that have a significant meaning and may be symbolic to your Native status.

Navajo jewelry is also very attractive for those that are not even Native American or American Indian because the pieces typically consist of very beautiful designs and patterns. You do not have to be a Navajo to buy or wear this type of jewelry. Ultimately, if you find the Navajo jewelry appealing for any reason then you should look into picking up a few pieces because they are definitely an amazing form of jewelry art.

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