Navel Rings

For the better part of the past two decades navel rings have been gaining more and more prominence in the world of fashion jewelry. There are a number of styles that are currently trending and as more young people have their navels pierced the trend will continue to grow. Whether wearing costume navel rings or pierces set with precious or semi precious stones, there are endless possibilities to choose from.

Types of Navel Rings
Navel rings, also referred to as belly button rings, are most often categorized as non dangles, dangles, reverse belly button rings and spiral rings. Each is styled differently in the way they are worn but non dangling types are seen as the most ‘traditional’ or ‘conventional’ type of navel rings and are usually a simple barbell that may or may not be adorned with stones or ‘bling.’ Dangling are made just as the name implies with chains that dangle from the piercing while reverse navel rings have the dangle stud above the navel rather than below. Spiral navel rings are twisted through the piercing with an acrylic ball at both the top and the bottom to keep the ring in place.

Designer Navel Rings
In fact, navel rings have become so fashionable that top designers have included them in their jewelry collections. Two of the most notable are Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Chanel has the iconic mirrored interlocking C’s and of course the Louis Vuitton is the LV monogram. Other designers, though lesser known, have a number of navel rings that are quite exquisite. BellyBella of Beverly Hills, for example, has a number of navel rings that feature greater than 1 carat diamond settings and cost more than $7,500! Leave it to Beverly Hills to bring bling to the belly ring!

Birthstone Navel Rings
Quite often you will see navel rings fashioned with birthstones. Sometimes they are the authentic precious stones and other times they are semi precious or treated cubic zirconia. Most often this type of ring is made with 14k or 18k yellow or white gold, but platinum and titanium are also commonly used. The belly button ring itself can be a simple barbell with the birthstone or it can be in some lovely shape such as a butterfly, heart or fairy that has been adorned with the appropriate colored stone.

Tribal Navel Rings
This season everything has gone tribal. While clothing is trending towards grey and the Urban Warrior look, accessories are big and bold which extends to navel rings and other body piercings. Tribal navel rings are true statement pieces and the bigger and bolder, the trendier they become. From tribal masks, skulls, insignias and dangles, tribal navel rings are known to be the largest and flashiest. Most of these types of belly button rings are considered to be costume jewelry which means they are reasonably priced. Whether you are looking for navel rings that are statement pieces or small, elegant and sensual belly embellishments, there are a great number of pieces on the market to choose from. Some navel rings cost thousands of dollars while others are less than $10!

Of course, the very best place to shop for them would be online since there is virtually an infinite number to choose from. You can simply search from site to site from the convenience of your own home until you find the perfect navel ring. Quite often you can even get a discount when ordering more than one piece of jewelry which provides even greater savings. In any event, if you have your navel pierced you will have no problem finding navel rings to suit your tastes and your budget.

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