Nose Rings

Nose jewelry is one of the most popular jewelry amongst women all over the globe. They are traditional in Oriental Asia, some parts of Africa and trendy in the western countries. Small as it is, it’s demand and utility beats even the most flagrant of jewelry. Nose jewelry is simply revered in South East Asia where it is nothing less than a part of the glorified subcontinent culture. The traditional Indian nose ring with its heavy ornamental beauty – attached with the gold chain hooked in the hair by clip- has long since been the symbol of the time – honored weddings of the Indian subcontinent.

In the western world, nose studs, nose screws and small nose rings – which most of the time brings out the style from the most ordinary outfits – are considered to be vastly fashionable with jeans and blouse or t-shirts. Nose stud gleaming modestly on the flat adds beauty to any outfit which the wearer chooses to fashion. The fact that nose jewelry go with almost any outfits – depending upon the design and type of the outfit- is one of the endearing aspects of it. They can also be worn in any occasion: festive ones like weddings and parties, formal ones like in offices and academic institutions, and even informal ones like peer hangouts. Nose jewelry can be a simple silver ring or hoop to be squeezed through the pierced flesh or it can be a stud – a tiny stone worn flat on the nose – with its pin pushed inward through the piercing. For those who are afraid of having their noses pierced – or those simply don’t fancy the idea itself, opt to wear fake ones which do not require the nose to be pierced and is clip style.

Nose jewelry comes in various types and designs. They can be simple single stone nose studs, elegant but chic. They can be simple stainless steel small rings or hoops conveying simplicity and style at the same time or they can be heavy ornamental elaborate gold rings commonly used as bridal jewelry in weddings of the subcontinent. They can be nose pins and nose bones – the latter having pins with greater thickness – with flower shaped studs and multi-stoned engravings on the front face of the ring.

Nose rings can be made from cheap stones like zirconium and non expensive metals like steel, catering to the budget restrictions of the less affluent. Also, nose rings can be made up of precious metals like yellow gold, white gold, platinum and titanium. There are solid gold ones as there are gold plated ones. There are gemstone rings that use precious stones like diamonds, rubies, emeralds and the like. Notable is the fact that since nose jewelry is tiny in size, it is easier to afford the ones studded with precious stones or made from precious metals. It is not uncommon to see the middle class sporting a diamond nose stud or a solid gold nose pin. For those who want something more affordable, acrylic nose pin is the deal. They are found in differently styles, designs and colors. There are nose pins with acrylic hearts, disks, flowers, stars, glow-in-the-dark balls, glitter balls- all available in various colors. There is also custom bend nose pins – comfortable and cheap– where one can bend the pins voluntarily.

Nose rings have been in demand for quite some time in recent past and the demand is seen to increase gradually. Being both stylish and affordable, nose rings have taken modern women around the globe by storm. Nowadays, people have their nose pierced at an earlier age, undoubtedly because more young women out there want to sport this small yet beautiful adornment to portray style and gravity at the same time.

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