Nose Studs

If you are new to the world of piercing, all the different styles of nose jewelry can be quite confusing. There are different gauges that the studs, wires, bones or rings can be made with and then there is a difference in how they are each manufactured and worn. There is actually no ‘best’ type of nose jewelry to wear and each individual has his or her own preference as to what they want to wear on any given day. However, one of the most popular styles of nose jewelry would be nose studs because of their versatility.

Common Gauges of Nose Studs

The most common gauges for nose piercings are 18 and 20 gauge pierces. Keep in mind that the higher the number the smaller the wire (or stud). As a result, you will find the greatest assortment of styles in these gauges and because they come in a variety of lengths, these gauges are thin enough to be bent into an “L” shape or the less common screw shape.

Differentiating a Nose Stud from Nose Bones
At first glance a nose stud may look like a nose bone but with one very real difference. A nose bone will have a ball at the end whereas a nose stud will not. Most often nose studs are chosen because they can have a gemstone or other adornment on the end since it is flat and can easily be set with almost anything within reason. If you see what appears to be two nose studs side by side but one has a gem while the other has a round ball, the one with the gem is most often a nose stud. (Nose bones can have a gem in the ball, but that is much less common.)

Birthstone Nose Studs
You will often see people wearing their birthstone on a nose stud, and these can be fashioned from either synthetic or natural stones. While natural stones are probably set on a 14k or 18k gold nose stud, cubic zirconia and other manmade gems are most likely set on surgical steel. Nose studs do come in sterling silver which can be set with your birthstone, but many people find that silver will react with their body chemistry and tarnish over time. As a result, gold, surgical steel and titanium are preferred.

Bold Statement Nose Studs
While nose studs are often simple gold or silver toned pieces, there are some unusual and outlandish statement pieces as well. Gothic statement nose studs can be found with skulls, daggers, lightning bolts, dragons, and other symbols of that movement. Some nose studs have a dangle with several stones in the chain and others have a chain that attaches to a second nose stud signifying bondage. Among the most popular statement nose studs are Celtic designs, such as knots, crosses and the Claddagh, set in 14k or 18k gold.

Just a couple of decades ago, even the tiniest, most subdued nose studs and rings were thought to be a political statement, but this is not the case any longer. Nose studs have become more widely accepted in ‘polite society’ and you are likely to see a great number of professional people sporting them on a daily basis. Of course, some professions still frown upon wearing a nose stud on the job, but even so, nose piercings are not nearly as taboo as they were a generation ago. Other cultures have worn nose piercings for thousands of years; it was just a matter of the style blending in with Western fashion. Because they are so widely accepted, you will be able to find nose studs that are comfortable both in style and price.

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