Opal Earrings

There is something very elegant about even the simplest opal jewelry. Even in the simplest of settings, opal jewelry can look brilliant on women. Opals are semi-precious stones that are often used by people with birthdays in October. The distinct property of being able to reflect the colors of a rainbow makes opal one of the most beautiful stones in the world.

Many people widely believe that opal has the power to ward off evil and unwanted fear. This stone is also favored for its healing properties and the belief that opals can bring good luck to someone who wears it. Whether or not these beliefs are true, opal is a beautiful gemstone. Opals can reflect many different colors at the same time making it comparable to a small rainbow. Reflecting colors like red, blue, green, yellow and even black, opals have a kind of vibrancy that can only be attributed to its beautiful colors. Mined in only a few Australian towns, opals are rare and are usually very expensive.

Opal earrings can be a great addition to a woman’s collection of earrings. Not only do they look good on all woman, opals are very versatile because of their vibrant colors. Opals are also available in many different colors like bright blue, bright green, light pink, bright yellow or even black. Bright blue and green opals are the most common colors in which opals are available. Black opals are the rarest and are very expensive. Color is a deciding factor when it comes to the prices of these stones. The rarer the color is, the more will be the price of the opal. Besides, the quality of the opal and the reputation of the jewelry store can also have an effect on the price of the opal. Recently a few companies have started to make synthetic opals. These opals look slightly less brilliant than the natural ones and are much cheaper. If the slight difference is not an issue, one could get these synthetic opals for a much lesser price than natural opals.

Blue and green opals when used in earrings look great on people with blue or green eyes. However, this should not sound disappointing as opals are generally brilliant looking stones that can be worn by anyone. Even the smallest opals look very brilliant when used in earrings because of their bright colors and reflecting properties. Opals can be of various shapes and sizes. One can order opal earrings with custom-made designs and designs. However, this could significantly increase the price of the earrings. Opal earrings can come in endless designs. The simplest of these designs are the ones that are stud-like. A variety of metals can be used with opals. Although yellow gold can be used, it is less common. Bright blue and green opals are mostly used with sterling silver, white gold and platinum. Black opals are used with almost all types of metals including yellow and rose gold. The stud-like opal earrings generally have a opal at the center surrounded by one of these metals. The opals used here can be of a variety of shapes – round, oval, square, pear-shaped or rectangular. Apart from this, opal earrings can come in many other settings. It can be in the form of a hoop earring with small opals lining the hoop, or even dangling from it.

One thing one must remember while purchasing a pair of opal earrings is the fact that no two opals will ever look alike because of the unique pattern of each stone. Jewelers have to hand-select from huge bulk parcels of opal stones to find two opals that are similar looking. For this reason, many a times, jewelers have to cut a stone into halves to get two stones that are identical. Despite this, differences remain. Although the two stones may now have the same patterns, they may differ in terms of their shine. The surface of one half will almost always look shinier than that of the other half.

Opals can be a great choice for earrings. And because of their versatile color, they look good with almost all colors of clothes. They can be worn casually or even on formal occasions. These earrings are sure to attract admiring stares from people.

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