Opal Rings

There is something almost magical about the opal that makes it one of the most compelling precious stones to set in any piece of jewelry, yet is most elegant as the central stone in a ring. In fact, for thousands of years opals have been worn not only for their elegant beauty, but for the underlying power they are thought to hold. Different cultures around the world ascribe an assortment of mystical and magical meanings to this lovely stone that is rich in history, dating back almost 6,000 years. No stone is more time honored than the opal, not even the diamond!

A True Reflection of Who You Are
Because the opal is thought to be the original mood stone, it has always been worn in opal rings as a reflection of the inner person. Cultures around the world believe that opalescence changes hues as our moods wax and wane through love, passion, anger and fear. In a setting of diamonds, an opal shows that every aspect of the person is valued and no gift speaks of unconditional love like an opal ring.

Opal Rings in Literally any Color of the Rainbow
While we tend to think of opals as shades of white with swirls of color, there are so many different colored opals that there is a stone for literally any occasion, any fashion. White opals are the most common and what are called to mind when we hear the word. Yet there are so many wonderful colors ranging from black to blue, and even red, of which red and black are the rarest and of course, the most expensive. Somewhere in between there are orange, yellow, green, gray, pink, olive, brown and slate opals and each is lovely in its proper setting.

A Variety of Settings – Platinum, Gold and Silver
Opal rings come in a variety of settings, in platinum, gold and silver. Most often the color and quality of the stone will determine which those metals will be used as well as the quality of other precious or semi-precious stones in the setting. From casual wear to elegant evening pieces, opals are the perfect focal stone in any ring for any occasion. Among the loveliest rings are opals set in tri-colored gold with diamonds to pick up and reflect shades of color in the central opal. Both men and women can wear opal rings with equal grace and allure. There is something that transcends masculine or feminine in this mystical and ageless stone.

Opal Rings as Part of a Set

Opal rings can be worn alone or as part of a set that would include opal necklaces, earrings and bracelets. A delicate opal and diamond pendant set in gold and tiny opal earrings complete the set with sheer elegance that is hard to surpass with any stone of any price. Often the ring is worn throughout the day and when it’s time for the theater or a cocktail party, the matching pieces are added to complete the look. Men are known to add a delicate opal tie tack, and even opal cufflinks are still en vogue for those formal occasions that need a little something extra.

Opal rings are the perfect choice at all times and for all purposes. Give them as a gift to tell that special someone you will love them in good times and in bad, in any mood up or down. Say “Happy Birthday” in October with opal rings and even wear them yourself to convey your sense of knowing something beyond that which can be seen. Nothing says it all quite like opals because they reflect more than the eyes can see.

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