Open Heart Jewelry

Heart shaped jewelry has long been the choice for those who want to express their love. Open heart jewelry allows you to express your love in a unique and quite beautiful way. The open heart design has become very popular over the past few years, particularly since Jane Seymour created her open heart themed design back in 2007. Seymour’s design was in reference to the suffering and struggles that she has endured throughout her life. Her philosophy revolves around the principle that an open heart can never be completely broken. She created her open heart jewelry line on this principle and it has become increasingly popular offering pendants and other pieces through jewelers such as Kay Jewelers and Jarod.

Tiffany’s had a similar design several years ago that is still popular today. There are several different designs and styles of open heart jewelry and the design can be incorporated into necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings among other pieces. Many materials are used to make the jewelry as well from sterling silver and gold to diamonds and other precious gemstones. A typical yellow gold open heart necklace is a very popular choice for those searching for holiday, birthday and anniversary gifts.

There are other occasions when an open heart jewelry piece would be the perfect gift as well. Graduations, christenings and other occasions often merit the purchase of an open heart design. When searching for open heart jewelry, you must first determine the specific jewelry piece that you want. For instance, you need to know if you are planning to purchase a necklace, bracelet, ring or other jewelry piece. Once you have determined the piece you will need to determine the fine metal or other material that you want the piece to be created from. Yellow and white gold are very popular choices as are diamonds and other precious stones. Taking a trip to your local jeweler may help you to decide on the specific piece that you want. You can also go online and search for open heart jewelry and be returned with thousands of websites that offer these pieces for sale. You can research the design and determine the specific piece that you want.

Take the time to look over several different patterns as well as stones and materials. There are many pattern choices that are possible, depending on what you want. You may prefer a smooth finish or an intricately designed lace look. Whatever your preferences you are sure to find the open heart design that you want you may simply have to spend some time doing your research. When it comes to materials, white and yellow gold tend to be the most expensive metals used to create the open heart design. Sterling silver is also available at a much lower cost. If you prefer the look of silver but want the quality of gold, white gold is an excellent choice and you will find many necklaces, earrings and other jewelry pieces made from white gold that sport the open heart design.

Make sure that you check for authenticity of materials particularly if you are purchasing gold, diamonds or another quality gemstone or metal. Many jewelry companies offer gold plated jewelry today and while this does give you the look of real gold, it is merely gold over silver. Eventually the plating wears down and must be replaced. If you are looking to purchase a fine metal be certain that you check the jewelry piece to ensure what the specific material is. Find a jeweler that you trust particularly if you are purchasing a piece that has diamonds or other expensive gemstones. The open heart design is very popular in yellow gold with smaller diamonds surrounding it. The key is in ensuring that you are getting what you pay for. Never assume that a jewelry piece is high quality unless you trust the manufacturer or the jeweler that you are purchasing the piece from.

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