Outhouse Earrings

These days there are all kinds of different earring styles available. You can find earrings crafted to look like most any objects, even outhouses. Outhouse earrings represent some of the most unique pieces of jewelry found anywhere and are perfect for the farm enthusiast who has it all or even as a gag gift. Usually, these earrings are made from sterling silver. In order to be called sterling, a piece of jewelry must contain 92.5 percent silver while the remainder is another metal like copper which adds hardness and durability to the naturally soft pure silver.

Most outhouse earrings are made to look 3D, which means they have a front, back, sides and even interior design. Some earrings of this type feature a small figure inside the outhouse that falls over when the stall is opened. These are certainly out of the ordinary and will attract attention anywhere you go. Because these earrings are sterling silver you can usually find them for less than $50 a pair. They usually have curved hooks that go through the earlobe piercing and they dangle. You can find different styles and sometimes even gold rather than silver but they will be more expensive.

If you are having trouble locating outhouse earrings one place to look is on the Internet. While your local jewelry store probably won’t have this earring style, the online world has everything you can imagine. Simply do a query with your favorite search engine and you will find plenty of results. There are specialty jewelry stores, gag gift shops, and even sites like Amazon and Ebay. In some cases you can even have jewelry custom made to your specifications by an artisan jeweler.

When buying outhouse earrings on the Internet, make sure you are dealing with a trustworthy seller. You can look for the https designation when checking out with online stores. Sites like Amazon and Ebay are great places to find unique items and bargains. When buying from these sites, look at the reviews the seller has received. You should only buy from sellers with a good history of positive feedback. The input of previous buyers should have a strong bearing on your decision to choose a certain seller or not. Make sure you are aware of all taxes and shipping costs that may be charged. You can buy from around the world, but international purchases take longer and cost more to ship.

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