Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

Pear shaped engagement rings are a very unique and popular option today. They are also referred to as a pendeloque or teardrop shape and are basically a combination of the marquis and oval cuts. On a pear shaped stone, one side is round in shape and the other side tapers to a small point. There are many varieties with regards to stone choice, settings and size available.

The most commonly chosen setting for pear shaped engagement rings is the diamond solitaire. The actual diamonds can be found in many sizes and karat weights and the stone is normally set lying perpendicular to the band. This enhances both the size and the length of the stone and gives it a truly brilliant shine and look. Pear stones are normally set in either a prong or a tiffany setting although there are many other settings that are available.

Other styles for pear shaped engagement ring settings include accented rings which includes other stones that are lined up on each side of the pear shaped stone. Other, smaller stones are typically placed around the center stone. These other cuts may include pear shapes, round and marquis cuts all of which make beautiful accents for the center pear stone. Cluster settings are another very popular choice. These include smaller clusters of gems that completely surround the pear stone in the center of the ring. Cluster settings normally include smaller round diamonds or other precious gemstones to highlight the larger pear shaped stone. Many designers also add their own design to each ring which may include metal flairs that completely surround the pear stone but do not include additional gemstones.

Pear shaped engagement rings are beautiful pieces and when worn help to elongate the finger of the woman wearing them. The most preferred way to wear a pear shaped engagement ring is with the pointed end toward the bottom of the hand or away from the fingernails although some women prefer to wear the ring with the pointed end pointing toward the fingertips. If the engagement ring is included with a bridal set the rings should be aligned to ensure maximum comfort. The pointed end may be uncomfortable for some women when wearing it toward the hand, depending on the size of the stone.

Choosing a good cut is important because many pear shaped stones, particularly diamonds typically have dark shadows in the rounded or thickest part of the stone. By choosing a good cut you can minimize this darkening effect and ensure that your stone shimmers brilliantly at all times. When choosing a pear shaped ring it is important to understand the characteristics that make up a good quality ring.

The first thing that you should look at is the symmetry. A good quality pear shaped stone will have perfect symmetry or be the same size and shape on both sides of the stone. Be sure that one side of the stone does not look larger than the other side. The point at the bottom of the pear shape should be finely cut and sharp. Also ensure that the point is protected by a prong that resembles a V. This will ensure that the stone is secure in the ring and that it is protected from damage. There are many pear shaped rings that feature three prongs. While this is typically sufficient to secure the stone, six prongs are much better and are recommended for protecting the stone from shifting or falling out. Be sure that you examine the stone carefully for inclusions and if your stone is a diamond remember to check for the four C’s: cut, clarity, color and carat weight.

Whether you are shopping for a pear shaped engagement ring online or in a traditional jewelry store you will likely notice a large selection of rings in various sizes and settings. Accented rings may be a bit more difficult to find in certain areas but solitaire rings are typically very commonly found in most places. Pear shaped engagement rings, while commonly found offer a very unique look. There are so many different variations with regards to settings, accents and actual design that you can choose a pear shaped ring and still have a very rare engagement ring sitting on your finger.

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