Pearl Brooch

Brooches are back with a new line of fashion statement in the form of the outstanding pearl brooch. This is something women of any age will cherish and looking forward to use in a special occasion. If you want more information about pearl brooches, you’ve just found the right website, so keep reading! A brooch is a type of jewelry that is worn by pinning it to clothing, particularly at the upper portion of the body. This includes the shoulders, neck, breast as well as hats. They can also be placed in the hair for an additional shine and feminine touch.

The evolution of the pearl brooch
Looking back at history when men wore only large pieces of fabric to cover their nakedness, brooches were used to fasten the two ends of the cloth together. The earliest type probably of brooch was likely the simple thorn. It may seem impossible, but it was good enough do its job, back in the days. And while in those early times brooches were used for functional purposes, it didn’t take long before they were treasured as fashion accessories as well.

A few centuries ago, a brooch was simply decorated with gold and silver tones. Nowadays though, with the continuous changes in technology, different designs and styles were introduced. The appearance of brooches evolved thus creating a new era of both simple and classy brooches. In this evolution of brooches, valued stones were progressively added into the designs to make them more attractive. Some craftsmen even have them classified into birthstone brooches. Due to this development in this fashion accessory, pearl brooches eventually came into existence, taking advantage of one of the most immaculate gemstones available: the pearl.

What’s so unique about pearl brooches?

A variety of pearls to be fixed into the brooch is available to choose from. Black pearls, for instance, can be used to manufacture rather outstanding pearl brooches. The clamps where they are hidden are being hunted down in the deep ocean floors. They are oftentimes hard to locate but the purpose to where it’ll be used outweighs any risk and difficulty.

Aside from the pearls’ color, their size also matters. Craftsmen have their own way of combining different sizes to make the output be of higher quality. Sometimes, a brooch’s value tends to rise together with the size of the precious pearl. This type of jewelry is not worn on the body, or it does not come in direct contact with the skin. However, a brooch can make you look glamorous without a need to make excessive efforts. It is ideal, especially if you want to be noticed due to a stylish statement.

Some people tend to be allergic to jewelries. They do not wear anything on their body, even if they really want to. This brooch accessory is actually the answer to their desire if only wearing a dress does not have an effect on them.

It goes plainly without argument, the fact that a brooch can complement any wardrobe and make an outfit look strikingly more pleasing. Just try to picture your shawl with circles of pearls pinned. That can make a person’s head turn towards your direction in fascination. Moreover, having this type of brooch on your clothing is not just the way of making you look better. You can add your creativity for a new sense of style.

Different ways to wear a pearl brooch
On a hat: brooches appear to be stylish when they are pinned on any sort of cloth hat. If you’re quite uncertain of how to, they are exactly worn, begin experimenting with a plain hat then fasten the brooch on the side. The good thing about putting brooches on hats is that they draw attention into your face. They look better with natural and simple make-ups.

On a bag: To help secure an outfit, fasten this type of jewelry on the handle of your purse or on the side of your bag. A surprising twist includes pairing it with informal bag materials like cotton and rattan. Some may say that it is rather unusual but who says fashion doesn’t take any risk? You just have to be sure that it is well locked to prevent any damage brought about by its exposure to the environment.

On shoes: Ladies love shoes. And when they look to add a special touch to any pair of shoes, they’ll fasten brooches on a pair of the usual ballet flats. Right away, the pair of plain shoes becomes more attractive it can be used for any formal occasion. Since obviously shoes come in pairs, many brooches aimed for this use are normally available much on matching pairs as well.

On a necklace: An exceptional way of wearing your pearl brooch is to have it pinned on your favorite necklace. This transforms the chain into something more than just a necklace. One brooch can be simply connected as an enhancing accent or be all out with quite a lot of pins. Wearing it this way can draw attention to the neck and offers an ideal accessory to a low-cut dress or a simple shirt. It imitates the customary look of stylish pearl necklaces.

On charm straps: Women carry a lot of things when they go out. A glance on their purse would show various bag charms, ID laces and cell phone straps. That offers a good opportunity for brooches. A visual curiosity and an imaginative way of refreshing the uses of a brooch are created.

Enhance your style with the right pearl brooch
A brooch is absolutely in trend as of now with any age group. It’s one type of accessory that will never fade or become out of fashion. If you are at present time out in the market trying to look for jewelry or for a good gift, keep pearl brooches in mind. You can never be mistaken in buying something glossy for a woman.

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  1. Please correct me if i’m wrong. I have always been told that when you’re wearing a brooch on your breast, you shouldn’t wear a necklace! Is this true?

    Also, can i wear a brooch on my hat and still wear a necklace?

    I will appreciate your prompt response.

    Thanks… Priscilla Omene.- Lagos, Nigeria.

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