Pearl Choker Necklace

Pearls are a timeless jewelry choice no matter if you are wearing a fine ball gown or jeans and a casual top. They literally go beautifully with any outfit, especially if you choose pearls that coordinate well with what you are wearing. For example, large diameter pearls with diamond adornments might be too fancy for your favorite denim and T-shirt, but a thin pearl choker necklace would add just the right amount of sophistication to your look. Add small pearl earrings and your thrown together outfit suddenly looks casual yet polished. There are plenty of ways to dress up even the most casual fashion ensemble and the addition of pearl jewelry is one of those ways.

There are numerous types of pearls from which you can choose. Natural pearls are the most rare and expensive, and are museum quality items that are rarely found for sale. The vast majority, over 99 percent, of all pearls on the market are cultured, which means they are still authentic pearls, however they are created on a pearl farm with assistance from a pearl farmer then harvested when ready. This allows for uniformity and quantity when it comes to pearls. Japan is one of the leading manufacturers of fine cultured pearls of all varieties.

When it comes to pearl types, there are all kinds. One type of pearl is the Akoya pearl, which is cultured in the saltwater farms of Japan. Said to be the most lustrous of all pearls, this variety can be found in colors like cream, white, silver, blue, gray and rose. Freshwater pearls are another type, which are primarily grown in Japan and China but also cultured in the United States. Some varieties of mussel can form as many as 40 pearls in one shell. The most expensive type of cultured pearl is the Tahitian pearl, commonly called the black pearl. Though this pearl can range in color, the shades are gorgeous dark tones found nowhere else. The remarkable color, luster, rarity and size of Tahitian pearls are what makes them cost more.

Pearls come in all different colors, sizes and prices. Therefore, when looking for a pearl choker necklace, you have plenty of choices. You can probably find a necklace of this type in a jewelry store, but you will have nowhere near the selection that you can find on the Internet. Also, you may find better prices online as well. To find the type of necklace you want, perform a search engine query with any of the major search engines. There are also comparison shopping engines that return results based on your search; you get to view the item, price and store which helps you decide where to shop.

Don’t overlook the clasp when choosing a pearl choker necklace. There are different types of clasps to hold your necklace on and you want one that isn’t going to come apart. Depending on your price range, you might go for a gold clasp for ultimate durability. However, sterling silver is also durable and much more affordable. The most common type of clasp for necklaces is the lobster claw, and is recommended for expensive jewelry because it is less likely to come undone like other types of clasps such as the barrel, toggle or hook and loop

For the most stylish look when wearing a pearl choker necklace, make sure the top or dress you are wearing has a neckline that allows the necklace to lay on your bare skin rather than your clothing. Chokers look sensual because they fit snugly around the neck and are made for low necklines.

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