Pearl Cufflinks

Cufflinks have always been a popular accessory for men to wear. They have been worn by them since they were first introduced as an accessory for men many centuries ago. Pearl cufflinks have always been admired by men who are fond of the polished and unique appeal that these cufflinks gives to any ensemble. A man would put on his crisp, white, cuffed shirt and add the perfect finishing touch, mother of pearl cufflinks. His mother of pearl cufflinks would peek out from under his dinner jacket sleeves, making him very stylish in appearance. Many men choose pearl cufflinks as gifts for their best men, and many fathers of the bride will choose to wear pearl cufflinks for their trip down the aisle with their daughters. Not only that, but more than one groom has given pearl cufflinks to their entire wedding entourage.

Recently, the fashion industry has undergone many changes. One of the changes that took place was a very revolutionary idea that allows women to wear cuff links a fashion accessory too. Women from all over the world have started wearing cufflinks to dress up their blouses and shirts. Women are now are even choosing to wear cuffed dresses so they can wear cufflinks and look more glamorous. The most popular cufflinks for women to wear are pearl cufflinks. Any woman who wants to achieve a refined and elegant look can wear black Tahitian pearl cufflinks with a women’s crisp white shirt or a black silk blouse with mother of pearl cufflinks for an exceptional elegant look. Pearl cufflinks that have luxurious pearls and antique sterling silver settings can even be considered as heirloom pieces that can be passed down to loved ones.

The fashion industry has gone so far as to design modern blouses for women with dual holes in the folded cuffs. While it might not be as heavy as that of men’s dress shirts, the folded cuffs primarily serve exactly the same purpose and look really great with pearl cufflinks. Classic pearl cufflinks are really more for formal wear however. A variety of classic pearl cufflinks works well different textures, designs and materials. They’re not necessarily expensive and you do not need diamond studded ones either. Simplicity is the key element to wearing these cufflinks. Modestly designed cufflinks are not only elegant, but they may be worn with many more dresses as well. When it comes to color, females have more freedom to choose the colors they want to wear pearl cufflinks with. For example purple, lavender, fuchsia, pinks, reds or any other color that men probably would not even think of wearing.

Pearls, just like diamonds, have been a symbol of elegance for women for centuries. Pearls come from oysters and abalone. They are formed through the build up of a substance called nacre in the shells. In fact, the mother of pearl is the material lining the oyster shell. Pearls are created around when foreign object, such as a grain of sand, gets stuck inside the oyster shell. Just like other naturally occurring substances, mother of pearl and the actual pearl may develop irregularities as it forms. Thus, each and every pearl and layer of mother of pearl used for cufflinks may be different. No matter if you like the rounded pearl cufflinks or cufflinks with an inlay of mother of pearl, the most important thing is the fact you’ll find a pearl that caters to everyone’s unique personality. You can even consider it as nature’s way of meeting your individual likes. Pearls can be dyed or bleached. Tahitian black pearls are already grayish or black in color. The shimmering layers of color in pearls are loved for their iridescent beauty. Pearl cufflinks are traditionally mounted with sterling silver and are often coated with an anti-tarnish finish. With proper care, they will look breathtaking for decades, and perhaps longer.

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