Pearl Drop Pendant

The pearl is known to be a symbol of purity, and when worn in the form of a drop pendant and necklace is known to give the impression of beauty and glamour. A pearl drop pendant will typically be attached to a necklace where the Pearl is in the centre of the necklace and then dropped downwards. Pearl drop pendants are available and a whole host of colors, shapes, sizes and designs. Pearl drop pendants are known to be extremely decorative as well as attractive. The most common types of pendants will not have pearls of a definite shape and are therefore able to produce a unique look.

Pearl drop pendants can be the ideal gift for that someone special in your life, and if it fits within your budget you may also choose to top off the look with a set of pearl drop earrings and a pearl drop bracelet. However, a pearl drop pendant simply attached to a necklace and worn alone is one of the most beautiful ornamental pieces of jewelry. Pearl drop pendants are typically mounted in silver sterling or 18 carat gold, although they are suited to any specific material that you may like.

These pendants most often encompass elegant freshwater pearls and will come in a wide variety of different styles. The pearls may come in a variety of shapes which include teardrop, rice shape, baroque pearls, potato shape and many others. You are able to use either a single pearl or a combination of pearls depending on your own individual preference. Pearls are known to be one of the most stylish and popular accessories and have played a pivotal role in enhancing the appearance of many forms of jewelry. Pearls are known to add a touch of class, elegance and comfort to any specific item of jewelry, and the Pearl drop pendant is no different.

Pearl drop pendants will always ensure that the pearl forms the perfect centerpiece for your necklace. The pendant should sway in conjunction with your body and is typically suitable for any wardrobe. The pendants will typically be delicately assembled onto the precious metal of your choice. As mentioned, there are numerous patterns and designs of pendants to choose from. Some of the most popular types of pearl drop pendant include the 14 carat cultured pearl drop cross pendant. This wonderful item of jewelry weighs approximately 2.4 g, and inclusive of the bail measures 1 3/8 inches. Another extremely popular pearl drop pendant is the 18 carat gold diamond and black pearl drop pendant. This has an extremely intricate design of swirls of 18 carat gold and diamonds that are able to showcase the sleek black freshwater pearls. This highly sought after item of jewelry weighs approximately 6.5 g.

Another important consideration when looking to buy pearl drop pendants is obviously the type of metal you would like your necklace to the made from. Amongst the most popular are pink gold, white gold and yellow gold, all of which are known to enhance the beauty of pearl. There has been a fairly new trend in pearl drop pendants and these are combining pistachio Tahitian pearls with 14 carat green gold. This, along with purple 14 carat gold, is an extremely new mix of exciting gold colored metals. These gold colors are typically produced by the specific metal alloy that is mixed with the gold. An example of this is the new purple gold will have used aluminum as an alloy. By producing numerous colors of gold, you are merely able to enhance the overall beauty of a pearl drop pendant.

Pearl pendants are known to symbolize purity, humility and chastity. Pearls have also been known to signify everlasting love, and it is considered a sign of commitment should you wear one. Pearls are also known to symbolize a new phase in a woman’s life and, as mentioned, will come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The beauty of pearl drop pendants is that they can be paired with pretty much any type of clothing, whether worn with casual wear or an informal evening gown. One of the more obvious facts you should be aware of is that the bigger the Pearl is, the higher the price you can expect the pendant to cost.

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