Pearl Hair Pins

When you think of pearl hair pins, somehow brides and flower girls always come to mind. However, they are also lovely during the holidays when hair is worn in updos to all those cocktail parties, Christmas events and of course New Year’s Eve celebrations. Some pearl hair pins are quite exquisite and others are more subdued, yet nonetheless lovely. Whether you are looking for the perfect accoutrement for a bridal ensemble or for prom, holiday fashions or formal occasions, pearl hair pins can complete an elegant look.

Bridal Pearl Hair Pins

No bride is fully dressed until the finishing touches are added to her hair. While she may be wearing the most elaborate of veils, when wearing an upsweep, nothing compliments bridal attire quite like delicate pearl hairpins. Some are simple lines of pearls while others are fashioned into flowers or floral sprays made with freshwater pearls and often embellished with Swarovski crystals or cubic zirconia. Often there are matching combs and tiaras, and there are times when the hair pins match the bridal lace and veil. Depending on the other crystals or stones in the hair pins, they can sell for under $20, but many are priced a bit higher.

Pearl and Crystal Bobby Pins
Within the category of hair pins are the tighter and more functional bobby pins. Hair pins are made with thin wires that are open at the base and are somewhat functional but don’t have the amount of hold that a bobby pin does. Pearl hair pins are often worn with updos while bobby pins would be worn with shorter hair that needs something with more hold. Often you will see pearl and crystal bobby pins with medium length hair, holding the sides back and away from the face, placed just over or behind the ears. This look is ideal for semiformal parties and gatherings, and this is the season to go all out!

First Communion Hair Pins
Little girls love all the glamour and glitz of brides and princesses so they are often seen wearing pearl hair pins for First Holy Communion. Tradition has girls wearing white dresses complete with veils for this blessed occasion and pearl hair pins can keep hair up and off the face while holding the Communion veil securely in place. Most often little girls wear pearl bobby pins, but if their hair is long and worn up, they could also wear looser hair pins, but this is rarely seen. Pearl bobby pins and combs are most often the fashion for a little lady of this age.

Fairies and Princesses in Pearl Hair Pins
Then there are all those school plays that moms are always racking their brains trying to come up with a fairy or princess costume. Since every fairy has a sparkle of ‘fairy dust’ in her hair, pearl and rhinestone hair pins work quite well. And what princess doesn’t have pearls and diamonds in her hair to complement her princess crown? (Of course we’re talking pearl and cubic zirconia or rhinestone hair pins, but to a little princess they all look like diamonds!) Pearl hair pins are not expensive and they are that added ‘something’ that mom is looking for to complete the costume.

Every girl, young or old, wants to feel as lovely as a bride on her wedding day and what better way to accomplish that than with delicate and feminine pearl hair pins? They can be found in an amazing number of styles, but most often in flowers, or floral sprays. Most are reasonably priced and can be found online quite easily. Whether you are a bride-to-be looking for the perfect hair accessories or simply looking for something to complete a hairstyle for those holiday parties, you will surely find pearl hair pins to create the look you desire.

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