Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklaces have got a unique flair, almost like a magic quality to them. These radiate a remarkable charm when they are worn by the right person. Broadly speaking there are six different types of pearl necklaces and these include- rope, cellar, opera, princess, matinee and choker. Each type of necklace is more appropriate to different occasions, as well as different wardrobes.

Collar pearl necklaces are generally for informal or casual use and these are around 10-13 inches in length, whereas the choker pearl necklaces are around 16-18 inch long and these are meant for formal wear. The princess pearl necklaces can be as long as 17-20 inches. If you are looking for a pearl necklace that you can wear along with a business suit then you can wear matinee pearl necklace, these are 28-34 inch long. The necklaces that are above 45 inch in length are usually rope pearl necklaces and these complement the pantsuits.

From luxury to elegance to fashion, different looks can be created by the versatility in the lengths of pearl necklaces. One of the most popular pearl necklaces are the princess pearl necklace and these are 17-19 inches long.

Selection the most appropriate pearl necklace depends on various factors. Of them, perhaps the most important are occasion, the age of the wearer and the budget. Different types of pearl necklaces will have different effects, depending on the age of the person wearing the necklace. Like diamond necklaces, you will also find a huge variety when it comes to pearl necklaces. A single pearl on a chain or a strand of pearls are the two most common formats of pearl necklaces.

When you buy a pearl necklace, you should very closely examine certain characteristics of the pearl necklace including size, color, luster, surface and shape of the pearls. The demand of colored pearl necklaces is increasing a lot of these days, as these necklaces complement certain skin tones. For example, a woman with a fair complexion will look amazingly beautiful in light colored pearl necklace.

You will find pearl necklaces available in various colors in the market such as white, white rose, black, cream, golden, silver and grey. Luster is one of the major qualities of any pearl necklace. Pearls are grown in sea, rivers and lakes and when it comes to buying pearls, no matter be it Tahitian pearls, Akoya Pearls or freshwater pearls, the luster of the pearl is a major dominating factor.

Pearl necklaces look remarkably scintillating, when work by the right person. Their natural beauty and color brilliance can be hardly matched by any other fashion accessory. Women just adore wearing pearl necklaces on different occasions. Their beauty is unique in their own way. If you say that diamonds are forever, well then pearls are a timeless fashion statement. A decent quality pearl necklace brings elegance and grace to the wearer. If you can afford it, then you should opt for designer pearl necklaces. These obviously look much better than those that are mass produced. A pearl necklace on an average consists of 40-50 pearl beads. These necklaces complement wedding gowns and thus, are suitable for marriage ceremonies.

White colored pearl necklaces look traditional, but regardless they are always very much in demand. However you will find lot of other colors also. The golden south pearl necklaces and black Tahitian pearl necklaces are of high quality and these are very expensive in both national and international markets, these are rare too.

A white color pearl necklace is very traditional and classic but pearl necklaces are now available in various other colors and sizes as well. Pearl necklaces designed with freshwater pearls are very good in quality and very much affordable nowadays. Pearl necklaces come in various other types of pearls also such as Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls and South seawater pearls. Akoya pearl necklaces are more expensive than freshwater pearls and have always been in demand due to their high luster and round shapes.

For quite a few centuries now, pearl necklaces have served as a popular ornament among the richest folks. Pearls, which were earlier worn by the royal families, are now commonly used by women of all social standings. The beauty of this unique fashion accessory has always enchanted queens to princesses. Nowadays, you will often see many celebrities and models wearing lustrous pearl necklaces all the time. It will not be wrong to say that pearl necklaces add grace and charm to the feminine beauty and complement almost all feminine outfits including party wear, casual jeans and wedding dresses.

Pearl necklaces are strung on a silent thread; around 40-20 pearl beads are hand knotted so as to make a gorgeous and beautiful pearl necklace. In this day and age, pearl necklaces are no longer just limited to round shape pearls only. You will find a remarkable variety in the shape of the pearl necklaces; some of the most popular shapes are pear, coin, tear drop and irregular baroque shape pearls. Usually, the rounder the shape of the pearls, the more expensive a pearl necklace will be.

Suffice to say, a good pearl necklace adds sophistication and grace to feminine beauty, since it helps define her personality and charm, while supporting her desire to look elegant and beautiful. If you are looking for the fashion accessory that sparkle up your wardrobe then you need to look no further, as getting the right pearl necklaces will help you do just that.

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