Pearl Pendants

Pearls are harvested from mollusks such as an oyster. Some of the most rare and expensive pearls are those that are harvested from the sea. There are both natural and cultured pearls. Natural pearls or wild pearls are made without any help from man. They are created when calcium deposits develop within the mollusk and form a tiny seed like creation inside. These form the shape of the pearl as we know it. However these are rare today.

Cultured pearls are made when man steps in and places grafts of tissue into the mollusk that helps to form the pearl sack inside a mollusk that would not normally or naturally form a pearl. The pearl sack then causes calcium carbonate to be deposited into the sack which hardens and forms the pearl over a period of time. These can be manipulated to form many pearl sacks in one mollusk so that they form more pearls in a short amount of time.

Through years of research and development, they have learned how to harvest cultured pearls that are of different shapes and sizes such as those that are triangular or rectangular rather than the usual round pearls. Teardrop shaped pearls are coveted for pendant usage. Cultured pearls can be manipulated now to make teardrop shaped pearls for these pendants.

Historically the Japanese were the first to harvest cultured freshwater pearls. An American then studied the process and opened The American Pearl Company where he developed the process into another realm where he first designed cultured pearls of all different shapes and sizes as noted above. He has since passed away and the company has been sold. Most cultured pearls are now obtained from China today with a small amount still being harvested in the United States and Japan.

Pearls are valued as to their iridescence, their color, and size. Pearls are chosen for the clarity in the shine that they provide. If they are a muddy color or have a latent shine, they are considered inferior quality. Pearls that are matched as to the same size in a strand are also considered to be of more value than those of different sizes as well. Color is a factor as well. Black pearls are some of the most rare pearls in history and were reflective in price. There are ways to culture black pearls now, which have made them more plentiful but they are still not as readily available as other pearls.

As stated above teardrop pearls were coveted for pearl pendants. They made beautiful focal points when hanging down from a chain on a necklace. The pearl pendant has been a classic piece of jewelry for hundreds of years. Girls always want to reach their twelfth or thirteenth birthday in order to receive their first pearl necklace or earrings. A pearl pendant is an excellent choice for a teenage girl or young woman for a birthday gift or even to wear on her wedding day.

Pearls can be combined with other precious or semi-precious stones when crafting a pendant for jewelry. They are beautiful when combined with precious gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires and set in white and yellow gold settings. They can also be combined with semi-precious gems or synthetic gems that can add luster to a setting while not adding a lot of cost to the price of the pendant.

Pearl pendants can be a wonderful gift idea for anyone. They are an excellent choice for birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, wedding gifts, and graduation gifts for that special girl in your life. They can be a great choice for bridal party gifts or for any special occasion when you want a beautiful piece of jewelry that will be in fashion for years to come.

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