Pearl Promise Rings

If you are looking into getting a pearl promise ring, you have come to the right place. We offer unbiased advice and compare the best deals on the market, so that you don’t have to spend hours scanning through the internet yourself. A promise ring is something that two people agree to, when they commit to each other for life. A promise ring is offered as proof of their commitment for eternity, and is worn by both parties until the end. It is often used as a prelude to marriage.

There are many different types of promise rings, and different designs will be made from different material, and engraved with different things. Below are some of the most common types of Pearl Promise Rings.

  • White and Gold promise rings
  • Solid 14K promise
  • Yellow gold Promise rings
  • Diamond promise rings

The heart symbol is a common sign on promise rings, and helps to symbolize the love between two people. Other bereavements can be found, including stars and other small icons. Personal writing can also be engraved onto a diamond promise ring, although this will usually cost the purchaser more. Not all Pearl promise rings have symbols on them. Many are simple and bland, in order to show that nothing is needed to make love exist, apart from the two people themselves.

Where do Pearl promise rings come from?
Pearl promise rings date back to the 16th century, or possibly even earlier. Kings and queens used to wear similar things as signs of good prosperity and love, and in certain times they were the only people allowed to wear such things, as a sign of prestige and stature. More recently Pearl promise rings have become known as friendship rings, but friendship rings are often brought between two good friends, and are rarely made with real diamonds.

Promise rings have also been used recently as an alternative to wedding rings. People who cannot afford to purchase wedding rings have often turned to diamond promise rings, as they still look magnificent, but come with a much cheaper price tag than a wedding ring. Young couples are also famous for giving promise rings, as many cannot afford proper wedding rings, so they use a promise ring until the time comes where they can afford to buy a proper wedding ring.

How much do they cost

The price of promise rings can vary, but you will usually find them for around $200 to $1000, depending on the quality of the ring and the diamonds used. Lower end models will use diamonds with less clarity, because obviously, they are cheaper to manufacturer and make. As the price increases, so will the quality. In more expensive Pearl promise rings, other materials may be present, including gold and saffiers. Other gems may also be used, but usually diamonds are the most luxurious out of the choices.

The rings can vary in design, with some being quite chunky and bold, whilst others take on a more feather like approach, and use intrigue detail to give across a glamorous and pretty look. Some rings wrap two different metals around each other to create a unique look, which works particularly well when gold and silver are used. This gives off a special charm, and makes the Pearl promise ring look really good.

The benefits of pearl promise rings
At this point, you have probably realized how there are several advantages to using pearl promise rings; they are a fantastic cheap alternative to expensive wedding rings. However, there are other benefits of using a pearl promise ring which won’t be apparent until you’ve been wearing one for some time. For example, when you go through tough points in a relationship, believe it or not, many couples have talked about how promise rings have helped them to remember why they love each other in the first place. This is one of the main reasons for buying pearl promise rings, because no matter how each person feels at the time, they can look down at the ring and remember.

Whether you want a pearl promise ring to stay close with a loved one throughout the good, the bad and the hard times, or a promise ring to help you and a close friend to stay connected even when away from long periods of time, there is plenty of choice, and there are hundreds of different types of pearl promise rings to choose from. From simple plain pearl designs, to rich elegant rings with personalized engravings and mounted diamonds, the choice is really endless.

Before you purchase a pearl promise ring decide on exactly what you want. Set yourself a budget, and keep to this as best as you can. Once you have a particular style and budget in mind, you can then start to browse for a pearl promise ring. Once you think you have found the correct choice, mull it over for a while before purchasing. The last thing you want is to end up with something you are not happy with, or something you partner of friends doesn’t like. Remember, at the end of the day the choice is yours, and you shouldn’t use anyone’s opinion as solid if you don’t feel right about something. If your partner likes a ring you cannot stand, say something, as if either of you are unhappy about the ring, it completely defeats the purpose of having on in the first place. We hope this guide has helped you to come to an informed decision about various different options you have when purchasing a pearl promise ring.

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