Pearl Threader Earrings

You will typically find the traditional earrings have both a post and backing. The backing device is used to lock the earring in place. However, an extremely popular style of earring is the threader variety which is backed by a light and flexible chain. This allows threader earrings to be threaded through your ear piercing and then allowed to dangle. You will also find there are certain threader earrings that can be woven through numerous piercings to give an extremely interesting, yet unique look.

Threader earrings are known to come in a wide variety of designs and styles, and are currently one of the most popular items of jewelry amongst the rich and famous. This is especially true of the younger, and more fashionable, stars. You will find that threader earrings are available in the vast majority of fine jewelers, and indeed many accessory stores. These beautiful items of jewelry will typically come in white or yellow gold, and often in platinum. The portion of the earring that dangles and will generally be accessorised with a gemstone, and without doubt amongst the most popular gemstone are pearls.

You will typically find that pearl threader earrings will usually only have fairly small pearls, as the dangling effect of these earrings can put a strain on the ears, and thus be extremely uncomfortable to wear. It is also important to remember that many people are allergic to certain metals, although gold pearl threader earrings can typically be tolerated by most people.

Amongst the most popular pearl threader earrings is the 14 carat gold cultured pearl threader earrings. This is an extremely beautiful pair of pearl threader earrings that can be the ideal gift for a loved one or a friend. The cultured pearl in these earrings are approximately 45 mm in length and 11 mm in width. The approximate weight of these earrings is 1.34 g and will typically retail in the region of $100.

Another extremely popular item of jewelry is 14 carat gold 5.75 mm pearl threader earrings. These earrings are expertly crafted and are known for their durability. They can be worn on a daily basis, and should generally last you a lifetime. The total metal weight is approximately 0.2 g which will mean that they will feel extremely light on your ears. The pearls, as mentioned are 5.75 mm in circumference and these earrings will typically retail for approximately $70.

If you are looking for something extremely unique you may wish to try the 8 to 9 mm AAA Tahitian pearl threader earrings. These earrings look absolutely stunning with these beautiful black Tahitian pearls. You will find that the threader store chain is fairly long which will mean that these earrings are extremely versatile, you may wear the pearls up, close to your lobes, or as low as you prefer. The chain is made from solid 14 carat gold which is accompanied by perfectly rounded AAA Tahitian pearls. This wonderful pair of earrings will usually cost in the region of $300.

Many people also interested in purchasing light coloured pearl threader earrings which generally come in either white gold or platinum. An extremely popular version is the pearl dangle earrings which are set in 14 carat white gold. The pearls are actually round, milky white pearls and perfectly complement the 14 carat white gold. The earrings will generally measure 1 inch in height and 0.2 inches in width. The pearls will generally be 4 mm or 6 mm in size and will have slightly spotted surface markings. This wonderful pair of pearl threader earrings will cost approximately $270.

If you are in the market for a slightly more affordable pair of pearl threader earrings you may wish to consider a set of ivory glass pearl threader earrings. These earrings are still a chic as their more expensive counterparts, and will have a silver tone polished bar that will easily slip through your ear and enable you to adjust earrings to any length you prefer. Each earring will typically weigh 1 g and the metal is finished with silver plating. These earrings can be worn for any occasion, whether in the office, or simply for casual wear, and believe it or not they will generally retail for under $10.

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