Peridot Birthstone Ring

Sometimes we are looking for a birthday gift and there just doesn’t seem to be anything that we can think of that suits the occasion. If you are looking for a gift for someone born in the month of August, then a peridot birthstone ring would be a great choice. Peridot is not an expensive gemstone and because of this it is often referred to as the ‘poor man’s emerald.’ Unlike so many other stones, this olive green stone only comes in one color, green! All other stones come in different colors, but this semiprecious gemstone is only in shades of green.

Folklore Surrounding the Peridot

Since the peridot is a volcanic gem, as you would expect, there is a folk tale from Hawaii that says the peridot is the tears of their ancient goddess Pele. The Bible makes reference to the peridot as being a stone which stood for one of the 12 tribes of Israel on the high chief’s breastplate. In fact, Cleopatra’s jewelry that tradition has referred to as emeralds was most probably peridot! This green stone is believed to promote inner healing of the emotions while promoting peace and calm. There are a number of healing remedies that utilize the peridot both externally, and crushed to be taken to ‘cure’ such conditions as asthma. While you wouldn’t eat a peridot ring, the healing powers it is thought to contain may just afford you some serenity in times of angst.

Peridot Filigree Rings
One of the loveliest settings for a peridot birthstone ring is in a 14k gold filigree heart. However, there are a great number of free form filigree settings as well as filigree leaves, vines, flowers, butterflies and other patterns in which one or more peridot stones can be set. Although a peridot is a semiprecious stone, a birthstone ring often has other gems in it as well. Filigree peridot birthstone rings often have stones representing both the sun and moon sign when the ring is based on the sign of the zodiac as opposed to the month of birth.

Peridot Solitaire Set in 14k White Gold
A peridot is often set as a solitaire (single stone) in a ring. Because a peridot birthstone ring represents the month (or zodiac sign) of one’s birth, it is most common to find it set by itself. Although the stone itself is not very expensive in terms of gemstones, a quality setting in a cardinal metal could greatly increase the worth of the ring. When giving a gift, you can find peridot birthstone rings for as little as $50 while a peridot birthstone ring set in 14k white gold could be at least triple the price, or more. You will find that it is often the price of the metal that determines the cost of a peridot solitaire ring, because again, the peridot itself is not an expensive stone.

Just because this is not one of the most expensive birthstones does not mean that it is not just as lovely as any other. It is less expensive because there is an ample supply of it, whereas more expensive stones are simply harder to find. The peridot has had a place in lore for thousands of years, and historically has been treasured by a great many cultures. A peridot birthstone ring can be quite lovely, and may even be quite costly depending on the setting. It is not always the cost that makes something a ‘treasure’ but the meaning and symbolism for which it stands. So too it is with a peridot birthstone ring. While it may not be costly, the person wearing it is more precious than gold.

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