Philip Stein Watches

One of the most innovative brands on the jewelry market today is Philip Stein watches. This company uses natural frequency technology which is something unique in the industry. The personal time pieces produced by Philip Stein are loved by celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Madonna and Rupert Murdoch to name just three. Before you begin shopping for your new watch, learn more about the technologies employed to makes these watches. It is truly fascinating and you will see why so many of the rich and famous choose this brand for themselves.

There are two types of technology currently used to make Philip Stein watches. They are electromagnetic frequency technology and natural frequency technology. These two technologies utilize the frequency of 7-9 hertz. This resonates with the frequency of the natural earth and is very grounding. Research has shown that through these technologies, those wearing one of these watches have experienced a lower level of stress, a higher level of focus and improved sleep. There is no other watch brand found anywhere that offers those kinds of results in addition to the practical purpose of telling time.

What makes one technology different from the other is the method of frequency delivery. One uses a dual chip system to deliver electromagnetic frequencies. Then there is the natural frequency technology which is transferred via a metal disk inside the time piece that has already been infused with the proper frequencies. When the watch is placed on the wrist, the biofield of the wearer is exposed to information and frequencies inside the disk. To understand more, it helps to know the biofield is an energy field that is responsible for the regulation of body functions such as relaxation and resilience to environmental stressors. The result is a feeling of deeper well being, which most everyone can benefit from.

As far as the collections go, there are three from which you can select: Active, Signature and Prestige. Each collection has its own special appeal. No matter which time piece you choose, Philip Stein watches are a perfect choice. And, even with the proprietary technology and amazing features like diamond dials, the prices on these watches are reasonable. For example, the Active collection, made for those on the go, contains watches that range from $400 to $550. There are a wide variety of watches in this range including those with black bands, white bands and even gold bands.

The Signature collection contains an even wider range of choices, with prices between $395 to $3800. So, there is not just something for every budget, but every style as well. You’ll find traditional style watches as well as fashion forward choices like red, yellow, pink and even leopard print watches. The Prestige collection of Philip Stein watches, as you might imagine, are the most expensive. They range from around $1310 to upwards of $6000.

Now that you’ve had a good introduction to Philip Stein watches and the collections by this brand, you can make a better decision about which piece is right for your price range and your budget. Another thing that can help is browsing the Philip Stein website, where you can see each watch and read details. Once you give a Philip Stein watch a chance, it’s likely you will become a devoted fan for life!

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