Pink Diamond Ring

Pink diamonds are a very rare and very beautiful gem. They are typically the most searched for of all fine gemstones and are the rarest of all gemstones as well. True pink diamonds are also among the most expensive of all fine gemstones. Because they are so rare, they are very expensive. In fact, pink diamonds are rarer that white diamonds and there are only a very small number of real pink diamonds that are mined each year. Natural pink diamonds are among the most beautiful of all gemstones and are a highly coveted gem particularly for collectors.

There are pink diamonds that are fabricated and these are the ones that you typically see women wearing in earrings, pendants and rings. Pink sapphires have long been mistaken for pink diamonds and are a much less expensive alternative to the true pink diamond. Those looking for a pink diamond ring will likely find that a fabricated diamond or a pink sapphire is a much more affordable option. Of course, the rarity of true pink diamonds make them extra special. Pink diamond engagement rings are very popular among those that can afford them and are beautiful creations with the pink diamond typically being set in white gold and surrounding by several smaller white diamonds.

Many celebrities enjoy wearing pink diamond rings particularly pink diamond engagement rings, although they do carry quite a hefty price tag. The average cost of a true pink diamond set in an engagement ring is around $10,000 and they are typically not available in the average jewelry store. Pink diamond rings are normally specially ordered and created only upon special order.

Man-made pink diamonds however are very readily available and again are a much more affordable alternative to real pink diamonds. These fabricated pink diamonds are created by using the same elements and components that are found in natural or real pink diamonds, they are simply much less expensive because they are created in a laboratory as opposed to in a natural setting. Many pink diamond rings are available from these fabricated or man-made pink diamonds and they come in a variety of sizes and designs as well as shapes and settings. Many who want a pink diamond choose pink sapphires or man-made pink diamonds simply because they are more available and are much more affordable. Smaller pink diamonds are more readily available than the larger stones although they too are fairly rare. Man-made pink diamonds still make beautiful jewelry pieces and look like the natural alternatives.

Pink diamond rings are typically set in sterling silver or white gold as they tend to sparkle much more with a silver setting. Other stones such as sapphires and smaller white diamonds set off the pink sparkle brilliantly and make wonderful side settings in a pink diamond ring. Prices for pink diamond rings tend to vary greatly depending on whether the rings are made with natural or man-made diamonds and the other stones chosen to go along with the setting. Other factors that determine overall cost include whether the ring is set in real yellow or white gold or sterling silver, platinum or another material. Pink diamond rings made with man-made diamonds and set in white gold or sterling silver can typically be purchased for less than $100. Platinum and other settings as well as real white diamonds and other gems may bump the price up considerably.

Again, the overall cost will depend on the customer’s specific preferences with regards to diamond size, setting and any other stones that are included in the setting. Pink sapphires, although more common and affordable than natural pink diamonds, are still a bit more expensive than man-made pink diamonds because they are a natural gem. Many find that they are a beautiful alternative to natural pink diamonds and they create a stunning ring or other jewelry piece.

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