Pink Sapphire Earrings

Although the sapphire is a gem in its own right, it is one of those rare stones that as the color changes, so too does the gem! While pink sapphires are among the rarest, they become increasingly rare as the color deepens to red. Of course, that’s only to a point. When a pink sapphire becomes deep red, it is then a ruby!

While a pink sapphire is truly a lovely stone, it is one of those gems that lends itself well to being worn in settings with other precious gems such as diamonds and blue sapphires. Pink sapphires are also exquisite in a setting with pearls, white, pink or black!

In fact, pink sapphire earrings are often made with the pearl as the center and small pink sapphires framing the pearl, giving them the appearance of a small blossom. The pearl is the center and the sapphires are the round petals. This style is usually fashioned into a huggie earring and not only are they amazingly attractive, they are delicate and feminine as well.

The pink sapphire stands for positive energy in the metaphysical realm. It is a gentle gem that brings love and forgiveness. It is said to give strength to the person wearing it and can help them through difficult times in life. This stone is thought to balance the energies of the mind and heart while dissolving emotional blocks. A pink sapphire is said to heal old wounds of the heart and the primary energies it holds are healing, love and power. It is the birthstone of Libra, and it is one of the stones of the heart chakra.

When wearing pink sapphire earrings, it’s interesting to know the folklore or mystical symbolism in the stones. While pink is simply a truly feminine color, there is something about the balance between strength and femininity that the pink sapphire embodies that adds such inner depth to the gem.

While pink sapphire earrings can be set in almost any metal from silver to gold to platinum, they are their loveliest when set in white gold, silver or platinum. The combination of white precious metal and the soft pink of the sapphires gives them a pristine radiance.

Pink sapphire earrings are stunning when fashioned as studs with a dangling stone in a basket setting. Studs can also be a single stone in princess cut, shaped as a heart or even as a tiny teardrop. Dangly pink sapphire earrings are trendy at the moment with the stone being cut in a rectangle or square, with a tiny diamonds on the stud.

Because pink sapphires are so lovely, many designers began creating a manmade stone called ‘pink ice’ which is nothing more than a cubic zirconia, but not as costly as real pink sapphires. This made it possible for girls and ladies to have the ‘look’ of a pink sapphire that was cheap enough for anyone to buy.

Fortunately, being able to shop online makes pink sapphire earrings affordable without sacrificing quality. Online jewelers have lower overhead and ready access to jewels from all over the world at a small fraction over cost. Because of this, they are able to pass that savings on to consumers.

Whether you are looking for a delicate pair of princess cut pink sapphire earrings as a birthday gift for that lady born under the sign of Libra, or to treat yourself to a truly exquisite treasure, you are sure to find the perfect pair with just a little online browsing. Wear them to balance your softer feminine side with the strength and power you need in daily living – or simply wear them because pink sapphire earrings are amazingly beautiful.

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