Pink Tourmaline Pendant

If you are shopping for a pink tourmaline pendant, it can be very difficult to choose only one for yourself or a loved one. This is because you’ll find yourself wanting them all. Pink tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that ranges in colors from ruby reds, rose pinks, pale pinks, shocking pink and magenta. Some are even hard to tell from rubies. These stones are also called rubellite. A raw pink tourmaline is typically shaped like a hexagon prism. These stones are found mainly in Africa, Brazil, Afghanistan, Maine and California. No matter if you choose a pink tourmaline shaped as a cross pendant or a solitaire pink tourmaline pendant, or any other shape for that matter, you will quickly come to include it as one of your favorite fine jewelry pieces.

Pink tourmaline is a very hard stone but they can still be subjected to scuffs and scratches. A pink tourmaline pendant will bring out your flair for exotic elegance when worn. This stone is thought to neutralize disorder and is definitely a compliment for many wardrobes. They are also believed to enhance long lasting love and are a symbol of fruitful commitment. Recently, the pink tourmaline pendant has taken on an interest for having mystical properties. Some people believe that a pink tourmaline pendent will sooth anger and relieve depression. A pink tourmaline pendant can be worn by either sex, male and female.

The darker the stone is in a pink tourmaline pendant, the more costly it will be. Pink Tourmalines are cut to maximize the intensity of the color and not for size. Most pink tourmalines are heated to bring out and enhance the color. When shopping for a nice pink tourmaline pendant look for one with a nice color that radiates from the center. The colors can shift according to how the light strikes the facets. You will be able to find a pendant made with the tourmaline stone set in gold, silver or platinum. The shapes can range from squares, rounds, triangles and many others.

The best thing about a pink tourmaline pendant is that they are likely to be the center of attention. The pendant will always be visible for other people to see, unlike earrings that can be partially hidden. Pendants like these are very powerful accessories and you may even want to build your whole outfit around one. Pink tourmaline pendants are loved by people of all ages. These pendants can be made set in silver, brass or white metal and make a wonderful addition to your fine jewelry necklace pieces. If you want to make a statement without spending a fortune or going too wild on jewels you should consider opting for a highly polished pink tourmaline pendant. These pendants are more than mere accessories. They can be one of the most timeless and most classic ways to commemorate an anniversary. A pendant cross pendants represents a beautiful symbol of faith and a love. Heart shaped pendants have long been seen as a great way to express your love. Some even use them to wear an expression deep felt loss of a loved one.

If you are looking for the one piece necklace that you can wear with pride, then seek out a classic pink tourmaline pendant. Solitaire pink tourmaline pendants can be studded with other semi-precious stones too. To help ensure the polished finish on your pendants do not loose their luster, be sure to keep your tourmaline pendants away from cosmetics, perfumes and hairsprays which can ruin the finish on gemstones. If you are in the market for a pink tourmaline pendant you will be happy to know that there are a number of jewelers online that offer a free design service which will allow you to design your own pendant so you can choose the stone and shape that you want.

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