Platinum Diamond Heart Pendant

Necklace or pendant? Star, cross, or heart-shaped? Choker or full-length necklace? If you have ever searched for diamond jewelry or, specifically, a platinum diamond heart pendant for your loved one, then these questions surely interfered between you and the ideal gift. In order to clarify these confusions, let us walk you through each of these features, explain what your choices are and aid you in selecting the perfect gift.

First, if you are still pondering whether a diamond necklace is the right gift, then eliminate all doubts: diamonds are timeless gifts, giving an everlasting impression to the receiver. Of all the precious stones out there, none matches the surreal aura of a diamond. Its unique glow and sparkle makes women of all ages coveting after diamond jewelry. In addition, irrespective of the current trend, there is a high chance diamonds will find their place in the fashion world.

The most important aspect to consider when searching for diamond jewelry is the necklace. A pure stone such as the diamond requires an equally delicate, fitting necklace. It is of vital importance that you do not neglect the design of the diamond necklace. Depending on several of the diamond’s properties, like shape, color, weight or cut, the necklace can exist under various forms, offering you a considerable amount of choices. Think of the person you are buying for when deciding upon the design of the necklace – it should be a reflection of their style and personality.

Some popular types of diamond necklaces include diamond wishbone, diamond trilogy, diamond pendant and diamond choker. One important issue to consider is the length of the necklace. The two common types are choker necklace and full-length necklace.

As the name suggests, a choker is a short type of necklace that closely surrounds the neck, while the full-length is more loose and extends below the neck. At a superficial evaluation, you would consider that the length of the necklace is solely a matter of preference. However, keep in mind that the consensus among jewelers is that full-length necklaces are better fitted on women with thicker or shorter necks, while a choker is preferable for long, slender necks. You ought to choose the necklace type that looks most elegant on the woman that will receive the gift.

You are also probably wondering which one is the better choice between a simple necklace and a pendant necklace. First, let’s make the distinction between the two. A diamond necklace simply has the diamonds spread on the necklace string. A pendant is an adornment that hangs from the necklace string. In a diamond pendant necklace, all diamonds are held in the pendant. Thus, the term “diamond pendant necklace” is used to describe this type of jewelry.

The choice here is usually up to the buyer, but our recommendation is to go with a diamond pendant necklace. The reason for such advice is that a pendant necklace is deemed as more intimate. Considering that diamond jewelry is usually reserved for the closest ones, a pendant is the best choice.

Let’s summarize up to this point: even though most of the selection process is a matter of personal preference and depends on certain features of the receiver, you cannot go wrong with a diamond pendant necklace.

The next thing to consider is the diamond’s shape. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the diamond stone of a diamond pendant can appear under different shapes: star, cross, heart. Going further with the previous recommendation, our suggestion is that you buy a diamond in the shape of a heart. Recent popularity aside, a heart pendant is a very elegant design, which conveys, as you would imagine, a sense of joy and enchantment, while also communicating that you have incredibly deep feelings for her.

One last aspect to consider is the metal used in the necklace itself. Various metals have the potential to be molded into beautiful necklaces, but if you want the ultimate gift, platinum is the way to go. The reason for this is simple: platinum is the most durable among the viable metals for the necklace. A flawless, eternal stone such as the diamond should only be paired with an equally durable metal. In addition, there is the general opinion that platinum is the “elite” metal when compared to gold, white gold or silver.

As a conclusion, let’s put the diamond puzzle together. While it is important that you put your mind and soul at work when you are selecting diamond jewelry as a gift for your loved one, you should reduce the searching space to include only the best, specifically, a platinum diamond heart pendant, by considering our advice.

A platinum diamond heart pendant is, in our opinion, the ultimate gift when it comes to diamond jewelry, as it conveys in a deep and unique way the feelings you wish to express.

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