Platinum Diamond Pendant

If you are looking for a way to save “I love you” to a special lady in your life, a platinum diamond pendant is the perfect way to do it. Whether you want to express a romantic love to your girlfriend or wife, or you want to express a caring love to your sister or mother, a platinum diamond pendant can be used to convey any form of love.

What Types of Platinum Diamond Pendants are Available?
A platinum diamond pendant is a necklace with a pendant on it that has one or more diamonds. The most common type of platinum diamond pendant has a platinum chain for the necklace. There are many different types of platinum diamond pendants available. Regardless of the tastes of the person you are purchasing the pendant for, you should have no trouble finding one that she will love.

The simplest, yet very elegant, type of platinum diamond pendant is a platinum necklace with a diamond attached to it. The diamond is mounted in a pronged setting, and dangles gracefully from the chain of the necklace. The diamond in this type of setting can be any shape, from an oval to a princess cut. The next type of platinum diamond pendant is a three stone option. With a three stone diamond pendant, instead of the necklace being accented by a single diamond, it has three. Depending on the specific option, the three diamonds may be attached in a straight line, or they may be clustered together.

In addition to these two common options, there are many others available as well. For example, a diamond can be set within a shape, such as a heart. Or, multiple diamonds can be used to create a shape, such as a cross or a larger diamond shape.

How Much Does a Platinum Diamond Pendant Cost?
The biggest factor that will determine the cost of a platinum diamond pendant is the total carat weight of the piece. For example, a single 1/3 ctw. diamond will cost more than a 0.25 ctw. pendant with three diamonds. In addition to the total carat weight of a piece, its price will also be impacted by the cut, clarity and color of the diamond(s).

For a nice platinum diamond pendant, you can expect to spend at least $300-$500. In this price range, you can expect to find pieces that have 1/5 to 1/4 total carat weight. In the $500-$1,000 price range, the size of the quality pieces will be in the range of 1/4 to 1/3 total carat weight. If you make the jump to the $1,500 price range, you will be able to purchase a platinum diamond that features around a 1/2 total carat weight. And once you go above $2,500, virtually all of the pieces you will see will have be one ctw. or higher.

Should I Buy a Platinum Diamond Pendant Online?
If you are a smart shopper, there’s no reason that you can’t purchase a platinum diamond pendant online. In fact, buying online gives you access to a wider selection of choices. Additionally, it allows you to do your shopping when it’s convenient for you, even if that happens to be at two in the morning.

When it comes to making a purchase like this online, using your common sense will help you avoid any problems. Whether it’s a price that seems way too good to be true, or a website that doesn’t seem reputable, if a red flag is raised in your mind, it’s best to skip that specific offering, and move on to others that don’t seem questionable.

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