Platinum Pendant Chain

Some types of jewelry make girls go wild, and a platinum pendant chain may be one of the pieces which does! A well made platinum pendant chain can help to add style to anything which the woman is wearing, and gives out a great persona of the girl. A platinum pendant chain can help compliment a woman’s skin tone, if the correct colour choice is chosen. Platinum pendant chains are manufactured very differently from each other, as each company want their chain to be different from that of another. Some manufactures concentrate on creating longer length Platinum Pendant Chains, in order to bring out the woman’s bust, whilst shorter chains can articulate the woman’s neck.

When looked after and treated well, a platinum pendant chain can last a lifetime, and many will come with long warrants which are meant to see the chain through the owners life. 18 inch is a pretty standard chain length, but this may not be suitable for all woman, as different woman will require different lengths and widths, depending on their body and preferences.

One of the main things you want to look out for when purchasing a platinum pendant chain, is the type of design. Some chains will have a single thread, whilst others will have 4 or 5 threads wrapped around each other, strengthening the design. Some Platinum Pendant Chains are straight metal, meaning the chain is continuous, whilst others are made from loops, and connect to a loop next to one another. The loop Platinum Pendant Chains are a good idea if you are worried about not picking the correct size, as they can usually be adjusted accordingly.

As most of you will know, gold is rated in karats. 24K is 100 pure gold, and will cost a lot more than 10k gold. Platinum is measured like gold, but in parts instead of karats. 1000 parts equates to 100 percent purity, so when looking for Platinum Pendant Chains, remember that the higher the “part”, the more quality is in the chain.

The internet is one of the best places to purchase platinum pendant chains. Conventional jewelry stores tend to stock more wings and bracelets than platinum chains, which means you could spend a while trying to find suitable designs. The internet gives you instant access to hundreds of online jewelry stores across the country, multiplying your capabilities and range of choice. The obvious downfall with the internet is that you cannot see what you are buying, but most companies compensate for this with plenty of pictures, a large description and most trustworthy companies will offer a return policy on all purchases (conditions will apply).

When buying platinum pendant chains, expect to pay anywhere between a couple hundred dollars up to a couple thousand dollars. Like mentioned above, the “part” of the platinum will make a large different to the price; the bigger the part, the higher the price. The type of detail used, the design on the pendant and the overall finished quality of the product will make up most of the price tag, with luxury stores based in places like New York and London marking up their prices considerably, purely because of location. With online stores you don’t have that issue as much, as you can simply move on if a site seems too expensive.

Always browse around as much as possible before settling on a purchase, as if you rush into buying something, you’re bound to regret it sooner or later. If you think you have a found a bargain, bookmark the web page, and go check to see whether you can get the same item cheaper on other sites. If not; go ahead and purchase, but you may be surprised about the strong competition that websites have between them.

Be prepared for the fact that whoever you are buying the platinum pendant chain for may not like it. Even though it may seem like your dream piece of jewelry, to someone else it may be the ugliest thing they’ve ever laid eyes on. The only way to combat this is to ask the person who you are buying it for advice, but this can ruin a surprise if you were planning on, and consequently means a lot of people won’t ask for advice. You could try asking friends of their of family members who have similar tastes, as they would be able to give you an honest and genuine judgment of what they thought.

Before you make your mind up about the product, check over the company you are purchasing the platinum pendant chain from. Do they offer a return policy? Do they insure their products whilst shipping? Make sure you feel comfortable ordering from them. If you don’t, search for them over the internet. See if people have posted reviews, which could be either positive or negative, and see if they have had any formal complaints launched against them. If they don’t seem trustworthy to you, it’s probably better to walk away rather than risk troubles down the line.

Don’t feel rushed into buying anything, take your time and make sure you are happy before you even think about going to the check out. Always pay by credit or debit card, as you should be covered in case anything does unfortunately go wrong with the transaction. Paying by cash or check is a big no no, as you have very little protection in case of an issue. If you are still unsure, go down to a local jewelers and ask for some professional advice. You can then use this advice when shopping online, and help yourself choose a suitable item. We hope this guide has been a help to you, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about anything which you have read here.

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