Platinum Wedding Rings

A platinum wedding ring symbolizes love, commitment, loyalty and understanding, all embodied in one tiny sparkling piece of jewelry. Wedding is one of the most important and most memorable days of one’s life. Wedding can only come second to child birth as the most thought of, most treasured day in its weight of turbulent emotions and breathless anticipation. Weddings are special, to every person in the world. From the poorer parts of the world to the most developed, from the remotest places to the most updated, wedding is a momentous event of a lifetime. To what pains people go to ensure that everything on this day goes perfectly. It is the day to rejoice the union of two people, their souls and their hearts, which from that day onwards will intertwine to form an eternal bond.

Weddings are when solemn commitments are made, candid declarations of love are cherished and promises are exchanged. Weddings are occasions for boundless celebrations. Each country, each culture, each sub-culture celebrates the day in their own fashion, following the tradition and practices of their ancestors. There are countries, where wedding celebrations continue for days; with many customary rituals accentuating the uniqueness of the culture it is molded around one of these timeless rituals is when the bridegroom slips a wedding ring onto his wife’s finger – more commonly known as exchanging rings in the West. This ring is worn by the bride not only in the following days when she is meets her husband’s family, but for life. It is considered to be bad omen in some cultures if the wedding ring is taken off by the wife.

Platinum, being one of the scarcest elements on earth, is also one of the most expensive precious metal items identified today.  It is said that when economic times are stable, platinum tends to be twice as pricey as gold. It is a hard material, with a shiny sparkling outlook. Thus platinum wedding ring is undoubtedly one of the priciest and most exclusive wedding jewelry. And what better occasion is there for such lavish exclusivity than one’s wedding. Such a memorable day demands to be rejoiced with such elite luxury. It is this luxury that couples crave for, to be kept as a souvenir for years to come. Platinum rings could come in different designs. There is the sharp-edged wedding band with flat center design. There is the intricately designed braided ring. Also, there are platinum rings with magnificent vine pattern and braid pattern in the center.

Platinum rings can contain tiny diamonds encrusted in it –or it could sport an emerald-cut diamond in the middle– altogether giving it a classic look. On the other hand, there are simple easy-to-fit polished wedding bands of platinum. The prices, of course, vary according to the designs and extravagance. Platinum wedding rings can be custom made as well, in which case the jeweler should be given two months at the very least to so that proper fitting is ensured. Some couples have endearing personal messages –initial of names may be– engraved around the edges of the ring. Platinum rings are also easy to clean. All they require is rinsing with soap water and the shiny luster would come back on its own.

In developing countries, platinum wedding rings have yet to enter the customary milieu of wedding jewelry, no doubt because of its rarity and costliness. There, gold rings remain part of the ritual – partly because of the re-selling factor. But in the developed world as the West, platinum wedding rings have been the first choice for stylish young brides for decades now. More than often, the money paid is worth while, because the ring is not just an expensive piece of wedding jewelry, no. It is an embodiment of love, from the person who is the witness to one’s life.

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