Prehnite is a very interesting stone with a green hue. Depending on the specific prehnite stone and how it is finished, the green hue can range from a very light, almost yellow green, to a green that is rich and dark in color. Because of its flexible nature, prehnite is a popular choice in a wide variety of jewelry.

Prehnite Necklaces
A prehnite necklace can add a unique accent to your outfit. A prehnite necklace can feature a prehnite pendant, or be made almost entirely from prehnite. Popular examples of prehnite necklaces include:

  • A necklace made from small sterling silver links. In the center of the necklace is a larger infinity symbol. A marquis cut prehnite pendant with a silver topper dangles freely from the infinity symbol.
  • A necklace that exclusively features prehnite beads. The beads feature several different shades of prehnite, and are held together by a band and exposed clasp that is made from .925 silver.
  • Eighteen inches in length, a necklace that combines three strands of beads. The beads are threaded together, and in addition prehnite, the strands also feature a mixture of pyrite and labradorite.
  • A simple necklace that is made special by the presence of three prehnite beads that form a Y-shape.

Prehnite necklaces start around $25, and can go all the way up to several hundred dollars in price.

Prehnite Earrings
Prehnite earrings are a very affordable accessory. The majority can be purchased for between $30 and $150. Some examples:

  • Two very light pieces of prehnite. Each piece is in the shape of a teardrop, and hang from the ears on a delicate hook made from gold.
  • Attached to the ears by two small silver loops. The pieces of dark green prehnite are shaped like teardrops, and their tops are beautifully accented with tiny clusters of pearls.
  • Fairly clear green prehnite with a darker visible design within. Both earrings dangle, and are securely wrapped in sterling silver backs.

Prehnite Bracelets
A prehnite bracelet is a cute way to spice up your wrist. Additionally, it’s not an expensive option. Most prehnite bracelets can be purchased for less than $100, including:

  • A stretch bracelet featuring prehnite beads. The prehnite beads come in several different shades of green. The bracelet is highlighted by a large piece of serpentine in the middle of the bracelet.
  • A silver link bracelet that features five large chunks of prehnite. All five chunks are light green and set in .925 silver, but each one is cut in a different shape.
  • A colorful bead bracelet that features prehnite, as well as amethyst, rutilated quartz and chrysocolla. The beads are arranged in a random order to create a fun and playful bracelet.

Prehnite Rings
Whether it features light or dark green prehnite, this type of ring will look great on your hand. For under $100, you can get a sterling silver prehnite ring. For around $250, you can find a prehnite ring with small diamond accents. And once you go above $500, you will find prehnite rings that are made from 14k gold and feature significant amounts of diamond accents.

Prehnite Charms & Pendants
If you have a silver or gold necklace, you can give it a new look with a prehnite charm or pendant. If you are looking for something that really stands out, you can purchase a prehnite pendant that features a large piece of prehnite. If you’re looking for something more subtle, there are plenty of charms with smaller pieces of prehnite. And as another potential option, you can buy a prehnite pendant that also features other accents like amethyst and peridot. Best of all, the majority of prehnite charms and pendants cost less than $50.

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