Radiant Engagement Rings

The word radiant in this context refers to the cut of a diamond. Radiant engagement rings have a special cut that gives them sparkling brilliance in any setting. Before you run out and select one of these rings, however, some education is in order. Diamond engagement rings, especially those featuring the dazzling radiant cut, are not cheap. Therefore the more you know, the better equipped you are to make an informed choice when spending thousands of dollars on a piece of jewelry that is meant to be worn for a lifetime. First, let’s talk about the four C’s that every jeweler, and every diamond shopper, should be aware of.

One of those all important C’s is carat. Carat refers to the weight of a diamond, and should not be confused with karat (which refers to gold purity.) When selecting between radiant engagement rings, you don’t want to go for a carat weight that is too small because it will not adequately showcase the brilliance of the cut. On the other end of the spectrum, a stone that is quite large should be checked thoroughly for imperfections as they are more likely to show on a larger stone. This brings us to our next C, clarity.

Clarity refers to the quality of the diamond. Jewelers use special microscopes magnified 10x to judge the clarity of a diamond. They are looking for inclusions, which might be things like foreign mineral particles, pieces of other diamonds, cloudy spots of crystal, or even cracks in the inside of the stone. The higher the clarity, the more brilliant and beautiful your diamond will be. While it’s next to impossible to get a perfect diamond (unless you have unlimited money to spend) you can find radiant engagement rings with clarity ratings that are considered good or better and appear flawless to the naked eye.

Color is another one of the C’s to consider when buying diamonds. While most diamonds are primarily white in color with flashes of other shades, keep in mind that radiant cut diamonds are especially good for showing off the stone’s primary color. Fancy colored diamonds are all the rage with wealthy celebrities, think colors like canary yellow and pink. Radiant cut engagement rings are perfect for these shades as well as the traditional dazzling white diamond.

The most important aspect of a radiant diamond is of course the cut. In 1977, the very first radiant cut diamond was made by jeweler Henry Grossbard. This cut allowed jewelers to take advantage of the square shape found in the emerald cut with the multifaceted sparkle of the round cut. Radiant diamond engagement rings are known as brilliantized step cuts. They sparkle like round cut diamonds but offer the classic sophistication of the emerald cut shape which is traditionally step cut. The finished product is a square shaped diamond with unparalleled brilliance and dazzle. Even celebrities love the radiant cut, two noted names who sport this type of engagement ring are Khloe Kardashian and Hilary Duff.

You can try on different carats, colors and clarity ratings of radiant engagement rings at any fine jewelry store. You can also buy online, however you cannot try the ring on if you go this route and some people are wary when it comes to having such an expensive and important item shipped through the mail. If you do decide to buy your diamond engagement ring off the Internet, make sure what you are getting is authentic. If you deal with the right online seller, you can get a gorgeous, authentic radiant cut diamond for less than most jewelry stores are going to charge you.

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