Rainbow Moonstone Ring

The rainbow Moonstone is, without doubt, the most valuable type of Moonstone. Whenever light passes through the rainbow Moonstone it produces a beautiful bluish flash and sparkle. It is an extremely attractive Moonstone and one of the most popular items of jewelry, especially when used to make a ring. This popularity is generally down to its luster and value, and it is known to contain several properties which make it stand out from any other item of jewelry.

The rainbow Moonstone is known to belong to the feldspar gemstone family, which can best be described as a type of igneous stone. This will basically mean that Moonstone’s are generally extremely hot and will therefore take liquid form. The feldspar is usually formed when the molten core under the surface of the Earth cools and then solidifies. When two very similar types of feldspar separate they will form rainbow Moonstone.

Rainbow Moonstone’s are surrounded by numerous myths and legends, much like the vast majority of gemstones. It is believed that the rainbow Moonstone is able to balance a woman’s hormonal cycle and thus produce an overall healing effect. This is especially true during menstruation and menopause. Rainbow Moonstone’s are also believed to have the potential to stimulate the immune system and may even be able to relieve stress.

Not only are rainbow Moonstones renowned for their healing effects, but they are also said to have certain mystical properties. Many people will have you believe that whilst wearing a rainbow Moonstone on a night when there is a full moon, you are able to see into the future and possibly communicate with people who are far away. It is also believed that the rainbow Moonstone is able to protect travelers who are at sea. In addition to this, the rainbow Moonstone is said to be able to reconcile family members or lovers who have quarreled. However, with that said, the rainbow Moonstone owes much of its popularity to its beautiful appearance.

The most classical rainbow moonstones are literally transparent and are well-known for their bluish shimmer. They typically come from Sri Lanka, although they are also found in the USA, Australia, Brazil, Myanmar and Madagascar. The feldspar from which the rainbow Moonstone originates is an extremely common stone and actually covers up to 60% of the Earth’s crust. Once you liquid magma has cooled this will then form crystals within the rocks. These crystals will have layer after layer laid down, and these will then eventually be mined and cut. It is this gradual process that is known to give the rainbow Moonstone its beautiful glow.

There are various items of jewelry which are made from which rainbow Moonstone, although one of the most popular is the rainbow Moonstone ring. This beautiful gemstone can be set in various precious metals, but it is without doubt at its most attractive when set in either silver, platinum or white gold. It is vitally important that a rainbow Moonstone ring is handled with extreme care. This is because moonstones are generally known to be soft and brittle. Unfortunately, should you choose to mishandle a rainbow Moonstone ring, it is prone to scratches and is known to break fairly easily. You should also be aware that fairly small scratches can be prepared extremely easily, and this is typically done by refinishing the stone. However, by refinishing a rainbow Moonstone you are more than likely to reduce the overall size of the stone.

You will generally find that rainbow Moonstone rings are designed specifically to protect the stone. It is advisable that whenever purchasing a ring of this sort that you should ensure that the Moonstone is well seated into its mounting. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of different styles of rainbow Moonstone rings to choose from. They are typically inexpensive and can, therefore, be purchased by the vast majority of people. Depending on the actual style of ring that you wish to purchase, you will usually find that most rainbow Moonstone rings will retail at well under $100.

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