Rams Head Earrings

A ram may not mean anything much to you today – except for the fact that it is an animal. However, for ancient Egyptians, rams were equivalent to gods. And so were all other animals that existed back then. Nevertheless, the ram was a particularly important. It was, by far, the best known and the most important gods for the Egyptians, who worshipped the ram as a temple animal. The ram was associated with various gods in ancient Egypt and has been crucial for mythological and religious concepts.

The ram, at one time, was considered to be a symbol of Christ. It suffered due to its religious importance as well, since rams were sacrificed in the name of various gods back then. Rams have also been mentioned in the Old Testament which is why it is regarded as religiously significant.

Rams were perhaps even more revered by Egyptians owing to its fertility and warlike characteristics. It was also worshipped because of its sexual ability, strength and its activity. As a temple animal, a single ram was cared for in such a venerated manner that was similar to the treatment the holiest gods received in the temples. Two types of rams were of particular importance – one with long wavy horns, known from pre-dynastic times, and the other with curvy inward horns, known from around the 12th dynasty of the Middle Kingdom of Egypt. Some of the most significant ram-gods in ancient Egypt were Khnum, Kherty, Andjety, Amun, Elephantine, amongst others – each of them worshipped for its own unique attributes. And ancient Egyptian women made sure that they carried these temple animal-gods with them in the form of rams head jewelry.

Whether you believe in ancient Egyptian myths or not, rams head jewelries are interesting pieces to add to your collection. Rams head earrings, especially the loop ones, are quite popular in the jewelry world today. Perhaps the most charming aspect of these rams head earring is the delicate work that goes on to curve the rams’ heads. It takes skilled craftsmanship and an eye for details to create the most beautiful rams earrings available today.  There are a number of vintage rams head earrings available as well that date several centuries back. Other more contemporary versions are available in a variety of metals. Some are also embellished with other precious stones or accents that enhance the beauty of the earrings.

Rams head earrings are widely available in online stores these days. A search on the web and you would be over-flowed with beautiful and ornate rams head earrings that can look good any outfit. And there are also a variety of designs and metallic mounts to choose from. For example a simple 10k rams head hoop earrings in yellow gold can be found in amazon.com, priced at $95.80. Another pair of beautiful sterling silver ram head hoop earrings priced at $27.99 can be searched for in overstock.com. A more expensive and vintage, or rather estate, option is the authentic Illias Lalaounis 18 k gold ram head earrings that can be bought at eBay, with a price tag of $2550! Quite a fortune to be spent on rams! But once you take a look at this pair, you would believe that it is surely worth every cent.

For some of us, rams head earrings may not be our everyday choice when it comes to jewelry. However, once you lay your eyes on a good pair of beautifully crafted earrings, you will be lured towards this exquisite piece of art. Rams head earrings are expressions of ancient history, and when coupled with a few modern touches, they can be wonderful collectibles in your jewelry box.

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