Red Gold Jewelry

Red gold (otherwise known as Russian gold), is a type of colored gold, created from combining gold and copper, to form into a special and rare product. Usually used in specialist jewelry making, red gold holds a very significant era about it, and is often connected with wealth and status. Red gold is usually made up from around 50 percent gold, and 50 percent copper. As red gold is an alloy, it is not a pure substance, thus cannot be advertised as pure red gold. Any shops marketing their products like this are not telling the truth, and should be avoided at all costs.

Red gold can be made into many forms of jewelry, but there are a few particular styles where red gold goes particularly well. In this article, we will cover some of the most common types of jewelry made from red gold, and we will look at their pricing and availability.

Watches are one of the most popular forms of where red gold is used in jewelry making. Watches made with red gold are very renowned for looking fantastic, and many famous companies such as Rolex and Tag have used red gold in some of their models over the years. Breitling are usually renowned for being the best at combining red gold into a watch, and have created a large range of watches over the years. Their prices certainly reflect the quality they put into their designs, but if you want quality, you have to pay for it. The Breitling Chronomatic 49 is one of their most popular models, and is meant to combine modern technology with the vintage look. Retailing for around $3000, it’s not a cheap buy, but will be well worth the money if you can afford it.

Wedding rings are becoming more common to be seen made from red gold. Red gold is softer than pure gold, which allows intricate shapes and design to be created. Engraving also becomes easier and more precise, which makes the wedding ring more personal. It’s very hard to accurately pinpoint the exact price of red gold wedding rings, but usually they can be found for between $2000 and $5000. The price will often reflect where you purchase it from, and whether the shop is privately owned, or whether it is part of a large corporation.

Dog tags (inscribed messages on chains which are hung around the neck), tend to be made from red gold alone, as it is soft and allows inscriptions to be made easily. Situated on a chain (red gold or normal gold), the red gold dog tag is a great way to remember a loved one who passed away, or someone who for whatever reasons is out of your life. Many people inscribe their deceased ones names on the tags and a short message to help remember them buy, as a sign of remembrance and respect.

It is possible to find bracelets made from red gold, but due to the red gold’s soft properties, this is not always practice. Red gold when worn around the wrist has a large surface area, leaving the item vulnerable to snapping or breaking in half, especially as you use your hands for most activities in life. Good jewelry companies will take this on board and usually use reinforcement materials in the product, to minimize the risk of the bracelet snapping in half.

Earrings are a common use of red gold, as the rich and stylish look of red gold is adored by woman across the globe. Red gold earnings are easy to get hold off over the internet, and unlike pure gold earrings, can be relatively cheap to purchase and get hold of. Red gold earrings need to me properly made, as there have been stories in the past of cheap earrings been marketed as red gold earrings, and actually containing less than 10 percent gold. The remaining 90 percent was made up from sub standard products, which gave woman nasty rashes on the ear, and cause a lot of pain. This isn’t something to really worry about unless you are purchasing from a shady street stall.

Pricing of red gold differs, but as a general it is the same price that gold would be if it was pure. For instance, if a gold earring costs $100, and the same design of earring is made from 50 percent gold and the other 50 percent from copper, the earring would cost roughly $55. The extra $5 is usually added on by the jeweler for extra materials needed. Again, that’s a very rough estimate, but it’s a general rule which seems to be followed.

Some jewelry companies specialize in red gold, whilst others stock only a few items made from red gold. The Russians are notoriously good when dealing with red gold, and they seem to have a special talent of incorporating it into jewelry, so if you can, it may be worth looking at Russian websites when looking to purchase pieces of jewelry constructed from red gold.

If you need help, there are some very useful forums on the internet, which can help you ask any questions you may have about red gold and its properties, or any other aspects which you are having trouble with. If in doubt, wait and try and get some professional advice, don’t rush into buying anything, as you could very easily regret it a few days or weeks after buying. Make sure you are happy with the design, and be sure that you can afford to pay how much it costs, as red gold can get pricey, especially when looking at watches. If they are an independent store, it’s always worth trying to haggle with them; they may be so desperate for business that they could go down cheaper than you would have imagined.

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