Rhinestone Brooches

One of the most fun and fabulous types of jewelry is the rhinestone brooch. You can find rhinestone brooches that are antique and some that are brand new. These brooches range in price from dirt cheap to expensive depending on how old they are, what metal they are set in, the designer and other factors. Often costume jewelry rhinestone brooches are very affordable, so that you can have a sizable collection, something for every outfit and every mood. Although the word rhinestones may make you think of cheap glass, many of the pieces out there are made with high quality. By definition, a rhinestone is crystal or glass made to look like diamonds or other gemstones. They can be clear or colored.

Originally, rhinestones were made from crystals that came from the Rhine River area, which is where the term is derived. Today they are made from other materials and often factory produced. Because they are not actual gems, they can be easily damaged and should be stored in jewelry bags separately from other pieces. Also, do not immerse your rhinestone jewelry in water or use harsh cleansers. If you treat rhinestone brooches delicately, they will last longer and be less likely to suffer damage. It is especially important to treat antique rhinestones delicately. The first of these were made in the late 18th century, created by a French jeweler named George Frederic Stras.

When shopping for antique rhinestone brooches, estate sales and auctions are great places to look. You can often find these jewelry items for less than you would in antique stores. The Internet may be a good place to shop also, just make sure what you are buying is an actual antique rather than a replica — unless a replica is what you want. New brooches can be purchased online or in most any store that sells costume jewelry, such as department stores, discount stores and costume jewelry shops. There are many online stores where you can buy these brooches also.

There are so many different styles that you could search for a long time and not run out of choices. Many brooches are done in an Art Deco style, which is bold and eye-catching. You can find those that are shaped like certain animals, for example a stone-studded panther or a whimsical butterfly. Flowers are popular themes as well. One online store that sells some of the most affordable yet unique rhinestone brooches is Pugster. Their offerings include many different flowers, and even a flower girl. There are dragonfly brooches and even a peacock brooch. No matter what you are wearing there is a selection for you. A brooch is pinned onto your jacket or top as an adornment and can be a statement of your individuality also.

For this reason, rhinestone brooches make great gifts. For the music lover in your life, there are piano and violin brooches. Gardeners will love any of the flower brooches, of course if the person you are buying for has a favorite flower this makes the selection process easier. Favorite colors can be used when brooch shopping, especially when going for a more abstract design. Fashion lovers will adore brooches shaped like clothing items, for example Pugster has cute brooches shaped like dresses and jackets.

One thing is for certain, rhinestone brooches whether antique or new are a fabulous gift for you or someone else. With all the different styles available you are sure to find the perfect brooch to suit your style. Many brooches come complete in a gift box for storage and a pretty presentation.

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