Rhinestone Jewelry

Rhinestones have been used for many years in making jewelry. Vintage rhinestone jewelry is a hot collector’s item today and can be very valuable depending on the style and the year that it was created. Vintage rhinestone jewelry comes in a wide variety of styles and designs from the very discreet to the seemingly obnoxious. You may find many smaller and more discreet items such as rings, earrings and necklaces or larger items such as belt buckles, arm cuffs and others.

Rhinestone bracelets come in a variety of designs as well and range from smaller, tennis bracelet styles to bangles or cuffs that are wide and cover a large area of the arm. Necklaces come in a variety of sizes and styles as well. Many people have found lovely rhinestone jewelry pieces in their attics, often left by grandparents, such as brooches and hatpins. Although these are not necessarily stylish today with regards to new items being made, they are very unique and many enjoy wearing the rhinestones that were left by their ancestors.

Rhinestones are typically created from rock crystal, acrylic or glass and are used for a variety of jewelry pieces today. They are often used as imitations to gemstones of higher value such as diamonds and they do tend to shine when light hits them. This means that if you are sporting a rhinestone necklace or ring, when sunlight hits the stones they will shine as brilliantly as diamonds. Many people choose rhinestones over real gemstones simply because of the lower cost. You can purchase a rhinestone ring for much less than what you would pay for a diamond ring. When choosing rhinestone jewelry, you will need to first determine which setting you prefer. Rhinestone jewelry can be purchased set in sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, platinum and many other precious metals. You will need to determine the setting that you want and then choose the style, size and shape of the rhinestones.

Rhinestone tiaras are very popular and are used often instead of diamond tiaras for many occasions. Since tiaras typically hold many stones, diamond tiaras can be very expensive. For pageants and other instances, rhinestones are used to cut the cost of the tiara while still giving the piece a beautiful shine and expensive look. Crystal rhinestones are used very commonly on clothing, jewelry and many costumes. Elvis Presley wore several jumpsuits during his career that sported rhinestones which glittered like real gemstones. Crystal rhinestones are normally produced in Austria and the Czech Republic by Swarovski and Preciosa respectively, as well as many other manufacturers. They are typically referred to as Austrian Crystal in many areas and are very popular choices for use in jewelry pieces around the world.

Keeping your rhinestone jewelry beautiful will involve cleaning and properly storing the jewelry when not in use. The actual condition of your rhinestone jewelry is a determining factor in its value. If you are unsure of whether your stones are rhinestones, consider that true rhinestones made from glass typically have foil on the underside. The foil often becomes damaged when it is exposed to moisture and cleaning the foil is important in protecting the stone as well as prolonging the brilliance and shine. It is important to understand that rhinestones cannot be submerged in water. This can cause them to come loose from their setting. Instead, clean rhinestone jewelry by laying it flat on a cloth and using a dry brush to remove any dust or dirt. You can use household cleaners provided you use a very gentle cleaner to remove dirt that will not brush away. You can also purchase cleaner that is specifically designed for cleaning rhinestones, which is an excellent idea if you own several pieces of rhinestone jewelry.

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