Rhodium Cufflinks

It is truly amazing how something as ordinary sounding as ‘rhodium’ is actually quite the opposite! We often think of platinum, gold and silver as being the end all in precious metals, but in reality, rhodium is far more rare than even platinum. It is more expensive than platinum because of its rarity and rhodium cufflinks, therefore, are rarely made with solid rhodium. This amazing metal also has some wonderful qualities which other precious metals don’t have. It is resistant to corrosion (tarnish) and quite often a very fine coat is plated on platinum or silver to both protect the metal and keep it from discoloration.

Amazing Rhodium Plated Cufflinks
Because of the natural hardness of the metal, and its ability to withstand corrosion, there are a number of amazing rhodium plated cufflinks on the market. They come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. From rhodium plated platinum cuffs to rhodium plated wedding rings and watches, it is a rare and precious metal that has the capacity to keep less precious metals at their best!

Superheroes for Grown Men?

The truth is that cufflinks are now worn as often as they once were, but for men who need to dress in suits for work or formal occasions, cufflinks are still quite fashionable. From time to time you will see a man donning cufflinks that are set apart from the norm and it is amazing to see grown men wear Superman, Batman and other Superhero rhodium cufflinks. Most often they are fashioned with sterling silver and the cufflinks are flashed (plated) with rhodium to add luster and to keep the silver from tarnishing.

Rhodium Cufflinks for Trekkies
Everyone knows what Star Trek is and there is actually a whole community of ‘Trekkies’ around the world. It is like a whole subculture in almost every country imaginable and because of this, Trekkies have their own line of jewelry. Well, almost! But Trekkie rhodium cufflinks are trendy and they can be found in the shape of the Starfleet Commander Badge, and there is even a Klingon pair for anyone who takes to the darker side of Star Trek, or just likes to play the devil’s advocate!

Gaming Cufflinks
For guys who like to shoot a quick game of Craps or are into Poker with the guys, gaming cufflinks are hot. They have cufflinks designed like the Ace of Spades, and then of course cufflinks to match other suits of a deck of cards as well. Rhodium cufflinks shaped like a pair of dice are trendy and sometimes the dots that represent the numbers are in rubies, diamonds or other precious stones.

Too Many To Count

There are so many types of novelty, yet dressy cufflinks that it would be impossible to count them all. From retro paisley rhodium silver cufflinks to dragons, jigsaw puzzle pieces to hour glass cufflinks (with real working sand filled hour glasses,) it is possible to find any style for any man, no matter what his hobbies or interests. If it is a popular pass time, there is sure to be a pair of cufflinks to match.

Don’t let the word ‘rhodium’ dissuade you from purchasing a pair of cufflinks. Many people make the mistake of thinking this is just some alloy because gold and silver are too expensive. Think again! Pure rhodium is much more precious, extremely more expensive, a close kin to platinum and will keep the finest gold, platinum or silver from being dinged up or from tarnishing. All it takes is a fine plating, referred to as ‘flashing’ in the jewelry world, and those cufflinks will withstand being banged about. For yourself or as a gift, rhodium cufflinks are always a good choice.

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