Right Hand Rings

In the United States, women have traditionally worn a ring on their left hand. The reason is because the left hand is where wedding rings are worn. However, over the last two decades, more and more women are wearing right hand rings. While a left hand ring is a symbol of commitment and marriage, a right hand ring is a symbol of freedom and independence.

Although the popularity of right hand rings has substantially increased over the last two decades, the concept of wearing a right hand ring is not a new one. All the way back in the 16th century, women wore rings on their right hand as a symbol of their heightened status. Today, Hollywood leading ladies like Keira Knightley and Angelina Jolie wear right hand rings to solidify their status as bold, accomplished women.

The great thing about right hand rings is that they can be worn by any type of woman. If a woman is single and proud of being independent, she can wear a right hand ring to symbolize that she is a modern woman who is capable of forging her own path of success. If a woman is happily married, she can wear a right hand ring in addition to the wedding ring she wears on her left hand. For a married woman, a right hand ring can be a birthstone ring for her child. Her right hand ring can also be a symbol that although she is happy in her role as a wife, that is not the only component of her identity.

Another great feature of a right hand ring is the flexibility of how it can be worn. While a left hand ring is almost always worn on the third finger, this doesn’t have to be the case with a right hand ring. Although it can be worn on the right hand’s ring finger, it can also be worn on the index or middle finger.

What’s the Most Popular Stone for Right Hand Rings?

For a women who wants to wear a right hand ring as a way to show that she is proud to be a mother, the most popular choice is the child’s birthstone. For other women, the most popular stone for right hand rings is a diamond. There is simply no other stone that can compare to the grace and elegance of a diamond. Women have always felt beautiful with a diamond on their finger, and right hand rings are no exception.

As with diamond rings that are worn on the left hand, right hand rings offer a wide range of diamond cuts and settings. Because a diamond right hand ring is the expression of a woman’s independence, she should choose a cut and setting that she absolutely loves. There are lots of options available, so there’s no reason for her to settle on anything less than exactly what she wants.

What’s Most Popular Type of Band for Right Hand Rings?
Traditionally, yellow gold has been the most popular type of band for left hand wedding rings. While some women still prefer yellow gold, many women have fallen in love with right hand rings that feature silver bands. Out of sterling silver, white gold and platinum, the most popular choice is platinum. Platinum is the leading band choice for right hand rings because of its color, purity and strength. While sterling silver and white gold both look great, they simply can’t compare to the brilliance of a platinum band.

When a brilliant diamond is set in a beautiful platinum band, it creates a ring that will look truly gorgeous on any woman’s right hand.

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