Roger Dubuis Watches

Simply put, Roger Dubuis makes some of the finest watches in the world. Founded in 1995, Roger Dubuis is based in Geneva, Switzerland. Each watch the company creates has a distinct personality, and the creation of each watch is based around four different principles; design that is innovative, following trends that are current, creating a watch that is exclusive, and using the best technology possible.

Roger Dubuis Fakes

Because of their exclusive nature, you’re not going to be able to find even a used Roger Dubuis watch for less than $5,000. In fact, Roger Dubuis watch boxes alone can sell for as much as $150 to $250. As a result of the consistently high prices of Roger Dubuis watches, if you come across a watch that is supposedly a Roger Dubuis, but is being sold for a couple hundred dollars (or even one or two thousand dollars), it’s important to understand that the watch is not actually a Roger Dubuis. If you purchase a Roger Dubuis watch in that price range, the best case scenario is that you will receive a fake watch, while the worst case scenario is that you will be completely ripped off and won’t receive anything for your money. To buy a real Roger Dubuis watch, there’s no way to get around paying a good chunk of change for it.

Roger Dubuis Watch Prices
You should be able to find a used Roger Dubuis watch for five to six thousand dollars. However, because this is still a substantial amount of money, it’s important to ensure that you are purchasing it from a reputable merchant or retailer.

For a new Roger Dubuis watch, prices begin right under seven thousand dollars. Because of their quality, as well as their exclusivity, there are many Roger Dubuis watches that go all the way up to $50,000 in price. And while that is the standard range for top of the line Roger Dubuis watches, there are a few that cost nearly two hundred thousand dollars. Obviously, there’s no denying that Roger Dubuis watches are extremely expensive. However, if purchasing a Roger Dubuis watch is within your budget, being able to own one is a truly amazing experience.

Roger Dubuis Watches for Women
Whether you want to treat yourself to something very extravagant, or you are hopping for a truly special gift from your man, you will be the envy of all your friends when you walk around with a beautiful Roger Dubuis watch on your wrist. Whether it’s a Roger Dubuis Acquamare with a cute pink strap, or a Roger Dubuis Muchmore with an elegant thin strap and diamond bezel, you will feel quite good whenever you need to check the time.

Roger Dubuis Watches for Men
When you have a Roger Dubuis watch on your wrist, you will simply ooze success. Whether you want a watch with a sporty look, or one that can be worn on the most formal of occasions, you can find a Roger Dubuis watch that fits your needs.

One great example of a men’s Roger Dubuis watch is the men’s Acquamare. To begin with, the black rubber strap gives this watch a very masculine look. The watch itself is a striking square, featuring a black face that’s surrounded by a silver bezel. The time is denoted by silver Roman numerals, which stand out against the black face. On the back of the watch, its interior workings are exposed, as well as an engraving that says “Roger Dubuis / Just for Friends.” At just under $7,000, this watch is by no means cheap, but it is quite incredible.

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