Rose Gold Pendants

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.” Thus spoke Juliet in the Shakespearean classic “Romeo and Juliet”. To paraphrase, love in any language is just as sweet. And the after taste is just as bitter. A rose is a plant of the genus Rosa, part of the family Rosaceae, which blooms the whole year round. This beautiful blossom occupies a special position in affairs of the heart. Different colors of roses in different settings have their own unique significance. For example, a red rose, in general, would signify love, beauty, courage and respect. A single red rose is given as a romantic way of saying “I love you.” A rose bereft of thorns would mean “Love at first sight”. A pink rose is one way of saying “Please believe me”. So a pink rose would be an appropriate gift for making up after a falling out with the object of your affection.

Of course, some may feel that just a stalk of botanical produce does not quite express one’s feelings in full. In which case, one’s love and affection could, perhaps, be better expressed with a somewhat more solid gift. Like a gift in gold. Gold is the seventy-ninth element. Its chemical symbol “Au” is from the Latin word “aurum” which means “shining dawn”. It is a transition metal with a lattice face centered cubic crystal structure. Said structure would probably be of great interest to alchemists, who through the ages, have been trying to transmute other base metals into gold. For the layman, the attraction of gold lies very much more on the surface.

There are many types of gold. There is the white gold, often used for making jewelry as an alternative to the yellow variety. When gold is combined with copper alloy, the result is rose gold. Its pinkish red hue makes it a widely used metal in producing specialized jewelry. Different amounts of copper content would produce different variations of rose gold. The more the copper content, the redder the color of the rose gold that is produced. The common ratio is three parts of gold to one part of copper. This is the composition of 18K rose gold.

The highest carat version of rose gold is also known as crown gold, which is 22 carat. In the manufacture of musical instruments, there is a finish called “rose gold” which, however, has no real gold content whatsoever, consisting actually of a very thin plating of copper over a layer of silver. A pendant (from Old French) is something that hangs, usually, from a necklace or earring. A rose gold pendant would make a beautiful complement to any necklace or earring. Rose gold pendants have been crafted in many shapes and designs. Sometimes, a rose gold pendant would also hold a gem to enhance its beauty.

A 00.50 carat Everlon Diamond Solitaire Pendant in Rose Gold can be worn on a necklace, perhaps, of matching rose gold. The pendant alone would costs nearly $1000. A similar pendant with a smaller 00.25 carat diamond would cost less than $400. Rose gold pendants are also available in the form of a cross like the Gemvara Rose Cross Pendant and Necklace in 14K Rose Gold. This cross-shaped pendant is richly adorned with a center gemstone surrounded by accent gems. To give a gift like this would not cost you more than $1000. For something of a different shape, try a 14K Rose Gold 00.09 carat Diamond Horseshoe Disk Pendant. This piece of jewelry is a good way of expressing your love with connotations of good fortune. To make this a gift to your loved one would set you back by less than $400.

For something quite out of the ordinary, have a look at the 14K Rose Gold Diamond Cat Pendant. This is a continuous strand of rose gold crafted in the shape of a cat and studded with diamonds. For such a beauty you need only to pay less than $200. If you like to keep it simple, there is also something for you. You can get a Rose Gold Heart Pendant measuring twelve millimeters by seven millimeters for less than $100. It says a lot about how you feel without making too much of a dent in your budget.

Just take a stroll through cyberspace with Google and you are sure to find something that would express your feelings of love and affection in a more solid and lasting form.

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