Rose Gold Wedding Bands

Your wedding band is the most special and meaningful piece of jewelry you will ever own. Platinum is a popular yet expensive precious metal for wedding bands, which is why many couples decide on gold. Before you buy, you should learn more about gold, the different karats it comes in and also the different colors. For example, did you know you can buy rose gold wedding bands? There are also bands that combine different shades of gold, for example you might find one that has both white and yellow gold, or even white, yellow and rose. Thanks to innovations in the jewelry industry there are so many different possibilities.

The first thing you should understand is karat. This word refers to the percentage of pure gold in the piece of jewelry. The higher the karat number, the more gold. For example, 24 karat is the highest you can get. 18 karat has 75 percent pure gold, while 14 karat has 50 percent. You probably don’t want to go lower than 14 karat gold for your wedding jewelry, however you can find both 10 and 8 karat gold jewelry items. Wedding bands cannot be made from pure gold because without another metal added to it, gold is too soft. Silver and copper are widely used alloys; for white gold nickel is often used. There is no true color of gold other than yellow, colors such as white and rose for example are created via the metals added to the gold.

When shopping for rose gold wedding bands, understand that just because the gold is colored does not make it any less authentic. The karat still refers to the percentage of pure gold, and it is no less valuable. Colored gold is just a matter of personal preference, and these days some couples want rings that are a little out of the ordinary. Rose gold is created simply by adding copper to the gold; the more copper that is added, the richer the rose tone is going to be. Black Hills Gold, famous for their intricate leafing and colored gold, makes stunning pieces including wedding bands with ornate designs which are the hallmark of this brand.

Although rose gold wedding bands often feature other gold colors, you can purchase solid rose gold bands if that is your preference. It is important for the wedding bands to match the diamond engagement ring of the bride, so if that ring is yellow or white gold a rose gold band will only coordinate if it has one of the colors of the engagement ring band featured. Anything else would look mismatched and even gaudy. Jewelry you plan on wearing for a lifetime should be classic enough that it never goes out of style. This doesn’t mean you can’t be creative, just stick with something you’re not going to get tired of looking at on your finger.

Rose gold wedding bands are not necessarily a new trend in the world of jewelry, although they are not frequently seen when it comes to wedding jewelry as white and yellow gold are the most traditional choices. However if you love the look of rose gold, or even the intricate detailing of Black Hills Gold, there is no reason why you shouldn’t choose rose gold for your wedding bands. If you feel rose gold is too feminine for the groom, think about a rose gold band that combines white or yellow gold and uses the rose color as an accent rather than the main feature. There are many possibilities in the realm of colored gold.

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