Ruby Diamond Bracelet

Of all the precious gemstones in the world, rubies and diamonds are by far the two most favored. Whether this is because of the brilliant red of the ruby or the full spectrum of colors that can be seen in a diamond is unclear, but both stones are steeped in lore dating as far back as the beginning for recorded history. Both stones, when perfect in quality and cut and in a good setting can fetch an amazing amount of money. No two stones complement each other quite like the diamond and the ruby, and for this reason alone you will often find them adorning everything from rings, to bracelets to necklaces among other fine pieces of jewelry. However, one of the most stunning and feminine of all is an elegant diamond ruby bracelet.

Ruby Diamond Tennis Bracelets
While tennis bracelets are fashioned with in-line diamonds forming a ring around the wrist, popular versions of this bracelet are now made with both rubies and diamonds. Together rubies and diamonds speak of eternal love and there is nothing like telling the woman in your life just how much you love her with an exquisite ruby diamond bracelet. Prices will vary depending on the karat weight and quality of stones, but a tennis bracelet should always be fashioned with real diamonds or it just isn’t a tennis bracelet!

Ruby Diamond Bracelet in Two-Tone Gold

One of the most unique ruby diamond bracelets on the market is a two-tone gold bracelet manufactured by Jewelry Castle. This lovely bracelet resembles a rose vine that delicately circles the wrist. The chain and tiny leaves are white gold and the flowers are in rose gold with a diamond in the center. Diamonds are also on the leaves. Oval rubies are interspersed between buds and the end result is truly beautiful.

18k Gold Ruby Diamond Charm Bracelets

Another elegant look in ruby diamond bracelets are 18k gold charm bracelets. Most often the chains are yellow or white gold, but at times may be platinum or silver. The charms can be fashioned in almost any shape and the stones can be set in the same charm or separate charms may be purchased, one with rubies and the other with diamonds. In either case, no two stones look more attractive together on a charm bracelet than rubies and diamonds.

Ruby Diamond Bracelet – Birthstones of Love

Whether the lady of your life has a birthday in July or in April, a ruby diamond bracelet makes the perfect birthday gift. The ruby is the stone of the heart while a diamond means everlasting. Often given as a gift to a lady born in either month, a ruby diamond bracelet tells her that your heart is hers forever. It can be a tennis bracelet, a charm bracelet or a two-tone bracelet set with both stones. However it is fashioned, whatever the cost, it says that you offer her undying love.

Perhaps the most popular ruby diamond bracelet is still the trendy tennis bracelet, but there are so many other variations that employ these two stones to perfection. Prices will vary, but it is always possible to find great deals online. Where local jewelers have overhead to meet, you can always find an online vendor who just doesn’t have that kind of operating expense. This means the savings can be passed down to you. Diamonds and rubies are costly, but by purchasing them at what amounts to wholesale prices online, you can surprise the lady of your life with an exquisite bracelet that will amaze her by your thoughtfulness, and the extent to which you love her.

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